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Denitrification in a sentence

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1. Develop the system of selective catalytic reduction fume denitrification.
2. The denitrification rate of CMBR was proportional to the initial concentration of NO3-N.
3. Biologicalremoval technology via short - cut nitrification and denitrification is very significant for saving energy and carbon sources.
4. Due to poor carbon source for denitrification in the horizontal part of VF/HF constructed wetlands, the influence of adding cattail litter on nitrate removal and the effluent quality was investigated.
5. There, in a process called denitrification, microbes convert the nitrogen into nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas) and an inert gas called dinitrogen.
6. A combined system consisting of hydrolysis acidification, denitrification and nitrification reactors was used to removal carbon and nitrogen from the nylon-6 production wastewater.
7. This paper studied the abilities of denitrification and kinetics of denitrification of heterotrophic denitrifying bacteria.
8. In this paper, the fundamental mechanism of biological denitrification and phosphor removal and their present situation and progress are presented.
9. The experimental results show that denitrification effects in middle aquifer with coarse sand is better than in Lower aquifer with fine sand.
10. In the process of lube base oil denitrification, there are various denitrifiers with different denitrogenation mechanism now.
11. A disposal process of deammoniation and denitrification SBR biochemical treatment disinfection by chloride is proposed in the light of the features of a leachate from urban house refuse landfill.
12. Nitrification and denitrification accord with the theory of maldistribution of DO and theory of deficiency of oxygen in microenvironment.
13. Denitrification gradually took over methanogenesis to become the main reaction responsible for decomposition of MSW while nitrogen gas, a clean byproduct, was generated instead.
14. There are substrata competition between the heterotrophic denitrification bacteria and ANAMMOX bacteria when organics the influent.
15. The kinetic model of BAF- prepositive denitrification was deduced. The relationship between the organism removal,[sentence dictionary] reaction rate parameter and film thickness in biological aerated filter was revealed.
16. Advantages and disadvantages of the SNCR denitrification systems were separately compared by using different reactants, such as aqueous ammonia, anhydrous ammonia and urea etc.
17. Pulverized bark or even wood shavings can be used as it is so exposed to the air that denitrification is avoided.
18. Application of IFC at a proper rate can slightly accelerate ammonification and inhibit denitrification in the soil, and yet does not affect much microbial biomass in the soil.
19. Nitrate utilization rate test showed that the contents of organic compounds in raw wastewater were not sufficient for complete denitrification.
20. Lower hydrogen sulfide concentration of the sulfurization process has great effect on the denitrification activity and decarbon activity of residue hydrotreating catalysts.
21. And then, from the numerical simulation of foregoing models[], we can obtain the key influencing factors on denitrification rate and the gas concentration distribution in the catalyst inside.
22. Biological N - P removal involves in processes such as nitrification, denitrification, phosphorus release and uptake.
23. The result showed that the measurement of nitrifying rate and nitrobacteria count was an important basis for determining the denitrification effects.
24. Activated carbon - supported catalysts are excellent catalysts for denitrification of flue gas temperature.
25. For the enhanced anaerobic sludge system with Thiobacillus, sulfide autotrophic denitrification is the main reaction, and the optimum N/S ratio is 0.4.
26. The characteristics of flue gas and actuality of its pollution were introduced in our country. The importance and impendence of flue gas denitrification technology were emphasized.
27. By immobilizing the enriched nitrobacteria separately, the feasibility of applying microorganism immobilization technology to the denitrification of coking wastewater is studied.
28. The traditional nitrogen biology disposition in wastewater treatment is accomplished by ammoniation, nitrification and denitrification, but its efficiency is low.
29. The approaches for nitrate removal have a lot of categories: physical methods, chemical methods, biological denitrification and electrocatalysis methods.
30. The nitrogen fertilizer losses in paddy field involve nitrification - denitrification, ammonia volatilization nitrate leaching and runoff.
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