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Biosphere in a sentence

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Similar words: atmospherespherehemisphereblasphemyphosphorescenthere and therecuriosityidiosyncrasyMeaning: ['baɪəʊ‚sfɪə]  n. the regions of the surface and atmosphere of the Earth (or other planet) where living organisms exist. 
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(1) Biosphere 2 was ultimately ridiculed as a research debade, as exfravagant pseudoscience.
(2) And this means the biosphere itself, a complex of interrelating systems that creates physical life as we know and love it.
(3) Ed Bass, a millionaire from Texas, bankrolled the Biosphere project.
(4) He enraged biologists by considering the biosphere of living creatures as a large chemical factory.
(5) It is the first whole atmosphere / biosphere laboratory.
(6) If the rest of the sustaining biosphere were absent, gardens would wither.
(7) CO2 is the accepted limiting resource for the biosphere.
(8) When creating a biosphere remember that: Microorganisms do most of the work.
(9) In the biosphere, the more elaborate the structure, the higher the life form.
(10) We all depend on one biosphere for sustaining our lives.
(11) As he examined the biosphere in succeeding years, he added more complex phenomena to the list of life-made.
(12) The hydrosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere, lithosphere, biosphere[sentencedict .com], and energy circle in an ecosystem are also in a dynamic balance.
(13) Been included in UNESCO Man and Biosphere Protection Network.
(14) The death of the individual is essential to the survival of the biosphere.
(15) The glass spaceship parked in the desert is called a biosphere because the logic of the Bios runs through it.
(16) Our little group is camped in the heart of the Caj n del Diablo Biosphere Reserve.
(17) We are only one generation away from causing irreparable damage to the Earth's biosphere.
(18) Seen in the right light, a robust industrial ecosystem is an extension of the natural ecosystem of the biosphere.
(19) Once formed, rings soon cease to exchange with the biosphere.
(20) The elements it cradles are in a dynamic equilibrium with the cycling composition of the atmosphere and water and biosphere.
(21) Then I realized that there were already huge amounts of synthetic ecology in Biosphere One.
(22) Then we learned to extract raw materials from her biosphere to create our own new synthetic materials.
(23) Every garden is really a small slice of the larger biosphere we all are immersed in.
(24) The carbon cycle is the cycle in which carbon is exchanged between the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and geosphere of the Earth.
(25) Atmospheric aerosol has important impact on many geophysical and geochemical processes, and affects the biosphere and geosphere significantly.
(26) As an ecologically vulnerable region where atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and biosphere interact, the Yellow River Delta plays an important role both in economy and environment in China.
(27) Deep - sea nature zoology is the component that distinctive configuration, structure and function have in biosphere.
(28) In situ CH4 flux from soil of coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest in Dinghushan Biosphere Reserve was measured for one year by using static chamber-gas chromatograph technique.
(29) Only in recent years has it become apparent that sustaining and assimilative capacity of the biosphere, through tremendous, is not, after all, infinite.
(30) We are in the early stages of a transformation from ideological consciousness to biosphere consciousness.
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