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Blasphemous in a sentence

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Synonym: blueprofanesacrilegiousSimilar words: blasphemyhemispherespherebiosphereatmosphereatmosphericblastblaseMeaning: ['blæsfəməs]  adj. 1. grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred 2. characterized by profanity or cursing. 
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(1) She was accused of being blasphemous.
(2) Critics attacked the film as blasphemous.
(3) The book has been widely condemned as blasphemous.
(4) Many people found the film blasphemous.
(5) The book was declared blasphemous and all copies ordered to be burnt.
(6) It's not blasphemous, it's not going to upset people.
(7) Muslims consider any depiction of Mohammed blasphemous.
(8) Who dares insult us with this blasphemous mockery?
(9) Puts evil or blasphemous thoughts into one's mind.
(10) In Hitler's entourage this drawing was regarded as blasphemous.
(11) His language was irreverent, not to say Blasphemous.
(12) There are blasphemous actions asas blasphemous words : all unloving, cruel deeds acted blasphemy.
(13) Nietzsche rejected God's law and wrote some overtly blasphemous things.
(14) But what constituted "blasphemous, immoral, treasonable, schismatic, seditious or scandalous libels"?
(15) I would almost blasphemous by saying it's better than Iron Man but I don't know.
(16) There are blasphemous actions as well as blasphemous words: all unloving, cruel deeds acted blasphemy.
(17) Some see such images as a blasphemous affront to faith and an attack on believers.
(18) The governor sent forty soldiers to fire on what he called the horribly and detestably blasphemous Gortonians.
(19) At first, of course, he sides with James in regarding Paul's work as highly suspect, if not blasphemous.
(20) Above them, in the pulpit, a black magician in a tweed cap held his hands high in blasphemous benediction.
(21) The Don spoke quietly gravely to pierce through the blasphemous delirium.
(22) In the case of Islam VS Salman Rushdie, the issues are clear. He is a blasphemous traitor to his religion, or is he a crusader of free speech?
(23) And Nietzsche concludes that God does not exist, and therefore, the humans search to be God, which a devout religious person would call blasphemous.
(24) I have lately vented and publicly asserted divers wicked, blasphemous, and Atheistical positions professing that I gloried to be an Hobbist and an Atheist.
(25) If you have done those things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart.
(26) Not until July 2008 did the British House of Lords vote to abolish the common law crimes of blasphemy and blasphemous libel.
(27) The people in the room were shocked by his blasphemous language.
(28) Most Muslims consider representations of the Prophet Muhammad to be blasphemous.
(29) A theodicy can be seen as heretical or even blasphemous for the simple reason that it -- think of what it assumes.
(30) Eg; I find but only two sorts of writings which the magistrate cared to take notice of: those either blasphemous and atheistical , or libelous.
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