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Seditious in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2016-11-29Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: incendiaryincitiveinflammatoryinstigativeinsurgentrabble-rousingsubversiveSimilar words: editionexpeditionambitiousadventitioussurreptitiousadditiontraditionconditionMeaning: [sɪ'dɪʃəs]  adj. 1. arousing to action or rebellion 2. in opposition to a civil authority or government. 
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1. The letter was declared seditious.
2. He fell under suspicion for distributing seditious pamphlets.
3. to write seditious pamphlets.
4. Found guilty of seditious conspiracy and possession of illegal weapons, they are serving prison terms ranging from 35 to 105 years.
5. They were seditious rebellious, traitorous T types.
6. He encouraged the Boy Scout movement for seditious reasons.
7. He distributed a seditious pamphlet called The Rights of Man.
8. But what constituted "blasphemous, immoral, treasonable, schismatic, seditious or scandalous libels"?
9. The scandalous, seditious and libelous books that need to be brought to justice in this remarkable sentence are suddenly revealed to have a soul.
10. Don't make any stunt or purposively express seditious or sensational words; don't bruit rumors about contestants.
11. She was arrested after making a speech that the government considered to be seditious.
12. In times of war and similar threats we are acutely sensitive of anything that is faintly seditious.
13. The Church distributed 16,000 copies before it was declared seditious.
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14. The inspector general of police declared the pastoral letter seditious and possession of it a crime.
15. Moreover, in the absence of any evidence of impending upheaval, individual peasants were wary of risking involvement in seditious talk.
16. In 1922 Hannington received his first term of a month's imprisonment for uttering seditious words.
17. Telling individual members of the group that they were welcome at Trinity hardly seemed a seditious step.
18. The bishops were sent to the Tower on the grounds that their petition was seditious libel.
19. This poor fellow occasionally let slipinconsiderate remarks, which the law then stigmatized as seditious speeches.
20. European emigres, who notoriously used to repair to the British Museum to write seditious pamphlets.
21. Speculation usually as a heat transfer medium oil, which has the speculation, speculation seditious , starch, milk distinction.
22. European emigres, who notoriously used to repair to the British museum to write seditious pamphlets.
More similar words: editionexpeditionambitiousadventitioussurreptitiousadditiontraditionconditionconditionsin additionadditionaltraditionaltraditionallyin addition tounconditionallybumptiouspredispositionlicentiouscontentiouspretentiousostentatiousconscientiouspretentiousnessediteditorcreditheredityexpediteon creditdiscredit
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