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Tumult in a sentence

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Synonym: commotiondisorderdisturbanceexcitementfracasfusshubbubnoisepandemoniumracketrowrumpusto-doturbulenceturmoiluproarAntonym: quietSimilar words: tumultuousmulticulturalcumulativeaccumulateaccumulativeaccumulationultimatummultipleMeaning: ['tuːmʌlt /'tju-]  n. 1. a state of commotion and noise and confusion 2. violent agitation 3. the act of making a noisy disturbance. 
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1. The demonstration broke up in tumult.
2. They waited for the tumult to die down.
3. I could simply not be heard in the tumult.
4. A tumult of feelings inside her fought for supremacy.
5. You couldn't hear her speak over the tumult from the screaming fans.
6. A tumult of shouting and screaming came from within the house.
7. The tumult in the streets awakened everyone in the house.
8. The whole country is in tumult.
9. He could hear a great tumult in the street.
10. He was shaken by the tumult of his feelings.
11. The financial markets are in tumult.
12. The quarrel left her in a tumult.
13. Round one ends, to a tumult of whistles, screams and shouts.
14. At this shocking impiety, the tumult died away.
15. Brown has kept the tumult at bay.
16. Most of the genetic tumult does no good to its bearers.
17. The tumult died away, and presently Moon-Watcher could hear the sound of a body being dragged over rocks.
18. The tumult of war had undoubtedly touched Leonard, though his immediate family were spared its direct horrors.
19. We were together an organic gesture, a tumult and turmoil inspired by what we believed was right.
20. As Godoy claimed, the Tumult of Aranjuez was the work of seduced plebeians, a revolution that seeped down from above.
21. His voice is shaken by the tumult of his feelings ... Outside some one touches you ... with a light greeting.
22. From every direction, people were running and shouting and falling over each other in a tumult of confusion.
23. Her mind was / Her thoughts were in a tumult.
24. One had to shout to be heard above the tumult.
25. The bond market, a favorite safe haven during the markets tumult, lost its gloss as equities showed signs of life.
26. Some of Sydney's residents are apprehensive about the prospect of a modern equivalent of Elis's tumult.
27. I smoked one cigarette after another, but that was the only clue to my tumult.
27. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
28. The anxiety is corrosive and I spend much time in a tumult of anger and disbelief.
29. Sheila confessed that she spends most of her time in a tumult of anger and disbelief.
30. At once her own drama was engulfed in the tumult of Hyacinth's entry into a woman's estate.
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