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Retarded in a sentence

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Synonym: mentally retardedSimilar words: retardguardeddisregardedsecretaryundersecretaryardentwardengardenMeaning: [rɪ'tɑrdɪd /-'tɑːd-] n. people collectively who are mentally retarded. adj. relatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development. 
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1. The heavy rain retarded our progress.
2. Shortage of labour power retarded our economic development.
3. The progression of the disease can be retarded by early
4. Her death was retarded by five years because of good treatment.
5. Lucy is very retarded and can't read yet.
6. This school is calculated for retarded children.
7. The heavy rain retarded our arrival by seventy minutes.
8. The programme offers intermediate care for the mentally retarded.
9. The lack of a rail link retarded the town's development.
10. Many of the children are severely retarded.
11. To even the most politically retarded this is a nonsense.
12. I had a man who was retarded and who was also severely disabled physically.
13. Mine the art of the cripple, the retarded, the autistic, not the beautiful and whole.
14. They're treated as if they're mentally retarded, ending up as factory fodder.
15. The process has retarded the kind of interdisciplinary research required by complex environmental and population issues.
16. In general, though, thinking was retarded by the dichotomous classifications that were in use at the time.
17. But because they looked like such retarded dunces, and women saw right through them.
18. The dashpot is used to denote the retarded nature of the response of a material to any applied stress.
19. The inability to do so has retarded the progress of pallidotomy development for nearly 50 years.
20. He looks after the mentally retarded man, Lennie, and their relationship is a strange one.
21. He was so slow that many thought him mentally retarded.
22. They managed to shift about half of the mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed patients to homes and less restrictive programs.
23. The other people were a mixture of juvenile delinquents and retarded middle aged criminals.
24. The fact that this was credible only if the youth was retarded made the moral crux which followed rather pointless.
25. It says that the company razed forests, polluted rivers, retarded crop growth and caused birth defects.
26. There is another kid here who is probably mentally retarded.
27. Legal injustice is not uncommon in the court of justice, and miscarriage of justice has retarded the dispensation of true justice. Dr T.P.Chia 
28. The next it is two sisters in Rhode Island who run a summer camp for mentally retarded children.
29. Let me show you that all men aren't as cruel and immature as your retarded merchant banker.
30. Research from Harvard and United Nations organisations has shown that the cost of corruption includes retarded development and more inequalities.
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