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Tardiness in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-03-10Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: readinesscardinalboardingregardingrewardingboarding schoolhardnessfinesseMeaning: ['tɑrdɪnɪs /'tɑː-]  n. the quality or habit of not adhering to a correct or usual or expected time. 
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1. His legendary tardiness left audiences waiting for hours.
2. Tardiness, once a chronic problem, has abated.
3. Manuel, however, isn't perturbed at all by Wells' tardiness.
4. My tardiness prompted an immediate threat of a fine, but it never materialised.
5. Punctuality may not assure success but tardiness guarantees failure.
6. Q. How can chronic tardiness affect a business?
7. I am certain to be chided for my tardiness.
8. I apologized for my tardiness in getting here.
9. Habitual tardiness is irritating to the teachers.
10. He was given a black mark for tardiness.
11. I want to apologize for my tardiness.
12. Can you offer an explanation for your tardiness?
13. All jobs have common earliness cost and common tardiness penalty, but the window location with linear cost is a decision variable.
14. The objectives are total tardiness and maximum make - span.
15. With his tardiness, carelessness and appalling good humor,[] we were sorely perplexed.
16. Keep monthly records regarding staff tardiness, absenteeism, vacation, sick leave, leave with out pay, compassionate leave, and maternity leave for MIS reports and year-end bonus evaluation.
17. Someone said that tardiness is the subtlest form of selflove and conceit.
18. Hard to know, but the day was rich in its tardiness, and that was just what we wanted.
19. In the production of JIT, the paper has illuminated the algorithm for the earliness and tardiness(E/T) penalty scheduling problem under the common due date.
20. Students must bring a note for a parent explaining any absence or tardiness.
21. Is this sort of relentless criticism of the president's tardiness too tough?
21. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
22. I'm sure you have a reasonable explanation for your tardiness.
23. Uncertain processing time was represented by interval numbers. The objective was to minimize the weighted sum of penalty possibility for jobs due to earliness or tardiness.
24. The objective is to determine the optimal due-date and schedule simultaneously to minimize the completion time, earliness and tardiness penalties.
25. There may be two requirements of multicast routing in many multimedia applications: minimum total tardiness and minimum delay variation.
26. Early or tardy its due window of the job is highly discouraged, and it will incur earliness or tardiness penalty.
27. This paper addresses a flow-shop scheduling problem with identical parallel machines at each stage (machine center) for minimizing the sum of the earliness and tardiness costs.
28. And DO you, " said Valentine, "depend on me to stimulate the tardiness and arouse the memory of grandpapa?
29. Her teacher gave her extra homework because of her tardiness.
30. A decomposition heuristic algorithm was developed to solve the single machine total tardiness problem.
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