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Dissonant in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2016-11-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: discordantdisharmoniousinharmonicnonmusicalunmusicalunresolvedSimilar words: resonantdissolvepersona non gratapass onscissorsas soon aspersonalresonateMeaning: ['dɪsənənt]  adj. 1. not musical in nature 2. characterized by musical dissonance; harmonically unresolved 3. lacking in harmony. 
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1. These chords with augmented fourths are both strongly dissonant and can add considerably to the variety of harmonic colour available.
2. These dissonant days the best a player can hope for as an inspirational backdrop to his talent is an off-pitch dirge.
3. Dissonances are most acute when the dissonant voices are close together.
4. A lot of harsh, dissonant music has been composed in the last 40 years.
5. Composers have often introduced dissonant diatonic notes into otherwise straight forward harmonic situations to give the desired touch of dissonance or unconventionality.
6. He explained why the grating, dissonant passages in the music were also vital.
7. His voice is drowned by the dissonant scream of a siren outside.
8. Generally speaking,( dissonant intervals have ratios such as nine to eight for the whole step or seventeen to sixteen for the half step.
9. The students were less fond of inharmonic chords like [dissonant chord].
10. Where did the dissonant forms and language upon earth come from?
11. A Parker tenor solo begins by skulking menacingly around the regular line of a blues solo before exploding into dissonant space.
12. The first two and the last of these are socially dissonant and their practice is illegal.
13. The effect is still good, but harmonically more obscure and dissonant.
14. And resolution has a musical overtone that I like as well: the progression of a dissonant chord to a consonant one.
15. Death and decay is the result of an inherently dissonant biology.
16. Even in relatively small amounts , intermodulation distortion adds a dissonant quality that is unpleasant to hear.
17. Some minerals hold a physicality which expresses geometry which is dissonant here.
18. For several bars the volume draws back, then erupts into a powerfully sad fortissimo with heavy, dissonant chords in the piano part.
19. Diminished triads and augmented triads are traditionally regarded as dissonant chords.
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