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Stagnant in a sentence

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Synonym: dormantinactiveinertsluggishstaticstillSimilar words: magnanimouspregnantindignantmalignantindignantlymagna cartapregnancyrepugnanceMeaning: ['stægnənt]  adj. 1. not circulating or flowing 2. not growing or changing; without force or vitality. 
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1. As worms are bred in a stagnant pool, so are evil thoughts in idleness. 
2. Few fish survive in the stagnant waters of the lake.
3. There is a stagnant pool at the botom of the garden.
4. He found himself in a vast stagnant bog.
5. Business was stagnant last month.
6. The horse trough was full of stagnant water.
7. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant pools of water.
8. Due to low investment, industrial output has remained stagnant.
9. A stagnant economy combined with a surge in the number of teenagers is likely to have contributed to rising crime levels in the US.
10. Major new investments are aimed at reviving the stagnant economy.
11. The housing market has been largely stagnant over the past few months.
12. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes.
13. Reforming Warsaw's stagnant economy requires harsh measures that would translate into job losses.
14. The moss grows in stagnant pools of water.
15. Running in streams, stagnant in ponds, drawn from wells.
16. Stagnant, they waited for something to happen.
17. Everyone knows it's a stagnant market.
18. Imagine being offended by stagnant water!
19. Ticket sales have been stagnant.
20. As the stagnant water slopped back and forth their reflections mouthed sleepily, a hundred mouths.
21. He is seeking advice on how to revive the stagnant economy.
22. Take a step, the longest road also be nothing difficult; remain stagnant, then a short way are hard to reach.
23. Mass movements are often a factor in the awakening and renovation of stagnant societies.
24. Aeration can not be a factor, as this algal growth also occurs in stagnant water.
25. Both the leading candidates advocated free market policies and foreign investment to revive the stagnant economy.
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26. Two bright ducks floating side by side on a little stagnant pocket of water usually hidden from my view.
27. Statistics over five or ten years will provide definite evidence of increasing, stagnant or declining percapita incomes.
28. The lack of an efficient railway system was a major contributing factor to the stagnant economy.
29. Likewise, a pair of cozy coevolutionary symbionts embracing each other can only seem to lead to stagnant solipsism.
30. Usually we are melting snow or ice so we don't bother, but this trip could see us near stagnant water.
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