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Resonant in a sentence

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Synonym: resonatingresoundingreverberatingreverberativerollingSimilar words: resonatepersona non grataresortresourceresolvepersonalseasonalpersonallyMeaning: ['rezənənt]  adj. 1. inducing resonance 2. characterized by reverberation. 
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1 His voice sounded oddly resonant in the empty room.
2 Everything was resonant with new meaning.
3 Alpine valleys resonant with the sound of church bells.
4 The air was resonant with bells.
5 It is a country resonant with cinematic potential, from its architecture to its landscape.
6 These resonant orbits are very unstable.
7 The voice was metallic and resonant.
8 "Listen," Toranaga interrupted in his resonant, commanding voice.
9 This resonant condition permitted Mariner 10 to fly by Mercury at close range at the times of alternate perihelion passages.
10 It has risen to a high, resonant pitch, emerging from his nose.
11 A cyclotron is fine-tuned to a resonant frequency specific to one chosen ion type.
12 A radio doesn't use a resonant cavity because its speaker must reproduce sounds over a wide range of frequencies.
13 He had a surprisingly resonant voice, which had literally moved her, quite against her will, to the door.
14 The resonant frequency is detected as the maximum of a graph of amplitude against frequency.
15 Table 1 shows the resonant cyclotron frequencies of single ions of different forms when subject to the steady geomagnetic field.
16 The presence of other ions may raise the resonant frequency by up to 50%.
17 He has a wonderful singing voice,( with a rich timbre and resonant tone.
18 We felt privileged to be the first group of Western visitors to enter the historic palace, resonant with past conflicts.
19 The reflected signal is studied as a function of frequency and the resonant frequency, together with higher orders, is then measured.
20 Largely as a result, they had lost the ability to construct complex and resonant narratives.
21 The parameter m is often chosen to be 0.3 which separates the resonant frequency by about 5% from the critical frequency.
22 A range of frequencies wide enough to ensure that it encompasses the resonant frequency of the sample v r is then examined.
23 You will see from the illustration that the vocal tract has several resonant cavities.
24 The accusing voice was changing, assuming a different timbre, resonant with menace.
25 New York had expected something a good deal more resonant in a young woman with such a history.
26 At the same time, a canopy of strings induce sympathetic vibrations in resonant aluminum panels suspended between the monitors.
27 Something about that bag was wrong, or at least resonant of something wrong, but he couldn't imagine what.
28 At times he attracted attention by making statements that were deliberately resonant.
29 The touches or larger areas of primary colours that throw the figures into relief are now less strident, more resonant.
30 The actors impersonate the totem animal, thus identifying and promoting a resonant connection with it.
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