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Realise in a sentence

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Synonym: actualiseactualizeagniseagnizebring inclearearngainmakepull inrealizerecogniserecognizeseesubstantiatetake inunderstandSimilar words: realismrealisticvandaliserealizespecialiseconceptualiserealdeal inMeaning: v. 1. earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages 2. convert into cash; of goods and property 3. expand or complete (a part in a piece of baroque music) by supplying the harmonies indicated in the figured bass 4. make real or concrete; give reality or substance to 5. be fully aware or cognizant of 6. perceive (an idea or situation) mentally. 
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1. I didn't realise your husband was here, Dr Jones - I hope I'm not intruding.
2. I realise now that the things which used to niggle and annoy me just don't really matter.
3. Make sure students realise that 'fat' is an unflattering or pejorative
4. You don't realise how aggravating you can be.
5. Cross-dressing is far more common than we realise.
6. 'I didn't realise it was a formal occasion.' 'Obviously!'
7. How much did you realise on the house?
8. They didn't realise that we'd broken their secret code.
9. I realise that he hasn't come up with any new ideas, but by the same token we haven't needed any.
10. If you were in the Sahara, you would realise the value of fresh water.
11. Being a prudent and cautious person, you realise that the problem must be resolved.
12. As the plot unfolds, you gradually realise that all your initial assumptions were wrong.
13. Now people are starting to realise that he means business.
14. All thinking people realise that we must stop wasting our natural resources.
15. I didn't realise we had to write each answer on a new sheet of paper.
16. Various textile techniques will be explored to realise design possibilities.
17. I realise she can be very annoying, but I think you should apologise all the same.
18. When did you realise that the money was missing from your account?
19. They realise that passing exams is no longer enough to gain a place at university.
20. It scared him to realise how close he had come to losing everything.
21. I don't think you realise the gravity of the situation.
22. I'd just begun to realise he was taking me for a ride.
23. The miseries I went through made me suddenly realise with a blinding flash what life was all about.
24. Immediately we realise that something is very wrong.
25. I realise now it was very selfish of me.
26. If we carry this argument to its logical conclusion, we realise that further investment is not a good idea.
27. Two weeks before an exam it's always panic stations as I realise how much I still have to do.
28. It did not require a great deal of perception to realise the interview was over.
29. We don't want to lose him. At the same time, he needs to realise that company regulations must be obeyed.
30. If he's got an ounce of common sense, he'll realise that this project is bound to fail.
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