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Grudgingly in a sentence

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Sentence count:51+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: against one's willinvoluntarilyreluctantlyunder protestunwillinglySimilar words: seeminglywittinglyincreasinglysurprisinglyunrelentinglytrudgedrudgerysingleMeaning: adv. in a grudging manner. 
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1) He grudgingly acknowledged having made a mistake.
2) 'Not bad,' she conceded grudgingly.
3) The boss grudgingly raised my salary.
4) He grudgingly admitted he'd been wrong.
5) He grudgingly handed me the money.
6) She grudgingly admitted that I was right.
7) The film studio grudgingly agreed to allow him to continue working.
8) Grudgingly, she took the job.
9) This is often conceded only grudgingly.
10) The latter grudgingly handed over a stash of notes.
11) It had been granted grudgingly and she knew she was on thin ice as far as her superiors were concerned.
12) The lights changed and the cars grudgingly screeched to a halt.
13) Proposals for higher taxes on incomes have been grudgingly accepted, but the introduction of VAT on domestic fuel has not.
14) The donkey-driver sat down and rather grudgingly accepted a small tumbler of retsina.
15) I have to admit grudgingly that this is interesting, and I trudge up the path with Tony just behind.
16) Grudgingly[], he would grant all requests soas to cease the torture inflicted on his friends.
17) Upper House came out of its concrete grudgingly, like an opal from the matrix.
18) Before opening it, he grudgingly used the microwave to heat a cup of cocoa, then sat at the kitchen counter.
19) She gave ground grudgingly, and we wound up agreeing to a three-way split.
20) Their parents grudgingly assented to the marriage.
21) In the end he'd done a good job, Caroline admitted grudgingly.
22) The members of the Warren Association of churches only grudgingly supported some of his measures, but were in a compromising mood.
23) He answered a few questions in a desultory fashion, even, it seemed, a little grudgingly.
24) Even baseball purists appear to be accepting that, if grudgingly.
25) Taking into account the thundering magnificence of your new single, the jury must grudgingly return a verdict of not guilty.
26) This meant they had less education and continued to depend on state welfare, which was more and more grudgingly supplied.
27) No wonder the rights of citizenship were granted only grudgingly, except when the town urgently needed to increase its population.
28) Those old animosities within the union leadership, as well as the rank and file,[] give ground grudgingly.
29) All those words he had hoarded for so long and released so grudgingly.
30) "Sam, you have to apologise to her" -- "I know," Sam conceded grudgingly.
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