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Put across in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: communicatepasspass alongpass onSimilar words: cut acrossget acrossacrosscome acrosscross output awaygrossput asideMeaning: v. transmit information. 
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1, He could not put across his point of view to the audience.
2, He was trying to put across a serious point.
3, Words are only essential to put across more abstract concepts and intellectual ideas.
4, One powerful message put across by the curriculum in most schools is that knowledge can be divided into compartments.
5, And all this classless business he tries to put across.
6, This group must put across its views and gain popular support and understanding for its campaign.
7, The signals you put across at the job interview can flag your future ambitions.
8, During the meeting, her ideas were clearly put across.
9, Is there anything I can put across the hallway?
10, The woman in the market put across me by selling me some bad eggs.
11, Did I put across the idea?
12, If it is put across well, the audience will get it.
13, The unscrupulous merchants tried to put across their illicit enterprises.
14, What point is he trying to put across?
15, Under the management of Li Xiangyang put across all the engineering projects with close cooperation.
16, The information had not been put across properly.
17, The new librarian put across a fine new library building.
18, Who can speak and put across everything he knows?
19, Using bullet points can help to put across this information in a succinct ,( across.html) easy - to - absorb way.
20, A good commercial put across the attractive feature of a product.
21, He failed to put across his feelings when they went out together.
22, No brushed aluminium and rosewood here; its stereo systems are designed with graph-paper severity to put across an austere seriousness.
23, With his wife Norma beside him, he climbed on to a soapbox to put across his campaign message.
24, Well, so far it looks good. Why don't you put across the back?
25, I didn't understand the point she was trying to put across.
26, The Conservative's policy, already formulated on comprehensive schools, was not an easy one to put across.
27, I am so happy that you remember every word I put across to you.
28, We teachers often find such things very difficult to put across.
More similar words: cut acrossget acrossacrosscome acrosscross output awaygrossput asidebrutalsacredcroptosscropscrowdedstackat a lossattackintactattachtackletacticputpossiblemoroseattach toobstacleput offput onput output up
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