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Purify in a sentence

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Synonym: clarifycleancleanseclearfilterrefineSimilar words: verifyterrifyclarifypurityspuriousterrifyingrifledriftMeaning: ['pjʊrɪfaɪ /'pjʊər-]  v. 1. remove impurities from, increase the concentration of, and separate through the process of distillation 2. make pure or free from sin or guilt 3. become clean or pure or free of guilt and sin. 
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1. I take wheat and yeast tablets daily to purify the blood.
2. Crude oil is industrially refined to purify it and separate out the different elements, such as benzene.
3. They prayed to God to purify them.
4. Hindus purify themselves by bathing in the river Ganges.
5. Plants help to purify the air.
6. Potting up green plants in the house will purify the air inside.
7. One tablet will purify a litre of water in 10 minutes.
8. In fact it will purify the water even further.
9. You can purify water by boiling and filtering it.
10. I understand that they purify minuscule amounts of water.
11. The priest must be celibate in order to purify himself for the handling of the sacred in the sacrament.
12. It has been found that houseplants help purify the air.
13. But this alone will not purify your water of waste products that are invisible to the eye.
14. You float the cream and purify that and you have your latex.
15. It will separate and purify molecules ranging from a few milligrams to several grams from solution.
16. If that happened we could then try to purify and isolate the morphogen from the mixture - but we had no luck.
17. Perhaps only the sun could purify - burn me, burn the world into characterless dust.
18. Produce hybridoma cell, isolation and purify antibody.
19. Purify zinc is used to manufacture active zinc oxide.
20. Refining is pair of rough-wrought products purify processing.
21. The endless lea will purify your thought.
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22. No amount of purism can really purify a man.
23. One of the functions of the kidneys is to purify the blood.
24. For example, Sumo wrestlers throw salt before each match to both appease the gods and purify their spirit.
25. Life is simple and quiet out here, and even small doses can purify you.
26. There will be a strong incentive to at least recover and purify water for reuse.
27. It should also comfort to recognize that, in the final analysis, these sums are operating to purify decision-making.
28. However, it commonly occurs as a natural alloy with silver, and methods were therefore developed to purify the gold.
29. Accusations against his criminality and bestiality are related to the desire to purify our own culture and civilisation.
30. The spring, where seekers poured water over their heads to purify themselves, falls from the cliff below the horns.
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