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Proportional representation in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-02-16Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: representationproportionalpresentationrepresentativeproportionin proportion torepresentdeportationMeaning: n. representation of all parties in proportion to their popular vote. 
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1. A proportional representation system is to apply to future elections.
2. Home rule and proportional representation are the means by which we shall break the stranglehold of Westminster.
3. I would discuss the script, say, on proportional representation, and then give him free rein.
4. Hanson skilfully exploited the system of proportional representation, which asks voters to list candidates in order of preference.
5. New Zealand's electoral system, a form of proportional representation, is a key difference.
6. At the political level, proportional representation was abolished for local elections in 1922 and for Stormont elections in 1929.
7. Swapo was alone in its opposition to proportional representation and a bi-cameral system.
8. The elections were conducted on the basis of proportional representation.
9. Candidates are elected under a proportional representation system.
10. Proportional representation in a non - parliamentary system obviously [ clarify ] does not have this result.
11. Their system seems to combine the two ideals of strong government and proportional representation.
12. At the end of 1917 there was much parliamentary manoeuvring over proportional representation.
13. It is elected for a five-year term by a system of proportional representation.
14. Of the total seats[], 75 are filled by direct election and 25 on the basis of proportional representation.
15. As the essential measure to secure and entrench lasting reform we will introduce fair votes by proportional representation for Parliamentary elections.
16. But it will be no more than second-best representation, and certainly not proportional representation.
17. Elections to a lower house of parliament would be by proportional representation and an upper house would be appointed by provincial governments.
18. The main areas of dispute had been an executive president, a second house of parliament, and proportional representation.
19. He maintained his refusal to comment on the polls, and remained adamant he would never do deals on proportional representation.
20. The political element would be secured through the adoption of proportional representation.
21. A lower house would be elected according to a system of proportional representation combining regional and national lists.
22. I like several of his ideals, including, perhaps, the campaign for proportional representation.
23. Coun Ord, a member of Sedgefield District Council, has called for a concerted campaign to get the proportional representation across.
24. A lower house of parliament would be elected by a system of proportional representation on the basis of universal non-racial adult franchise.
25. Mr Orton infers there is an inconsistency in my contention that, with proportional representation, Labour could achieve power.
26. Elections took place in May 1973 under a system of proportional representation and the new local authorities came into being.
27. If he is interested, I back the concept of the restoration of the Stormont parliament with members elected by proportional representation.
27. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
28. Half of the 400 national representatives would be elected on a constituency basis and the other half by proportional representation.
29. You might have to swallow hard, but if a hung parliament introduces a fair system of proportional representation, this will be the last tactical vote you'll ever have to cast.
30. Either way, we are going to end up with some version of proportional representation.
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