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Denunciation in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-03-10Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: denouncementSimilar words: enunciationrenunciationannunciationpronunciationenunciateassociationdepreciationappreciationMeaning: [‚dɪnʌnsɪ'eɪʃn]  n. a public act of denouncing. 
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1. All parties joined in bitter denunciation of the terrorists.
2. In his speech, he made a fierce denunciation of government policy.
3. The denunciation was made on the basis of second-hand information.
4. We were amazed to hear the witness's denunciation of the accused.
5. On September 24, he wrote a stinging denunciation of his critics.
6. He could be vehement in denunciation.
7. Khomeinis denunciation was widely reproduced and popular.
8. Beneath its denunciation of war and its apparent modernity there is the chauvinist roar of good and evil.
9. Denunciation was becoming Mrs Thatcher's stock in trade.
10. He ranted out his denunciation.
11. The prosecutor's frenzied denunciation of the accused.
12. It is no denunciation[], it's a police annunciation.
13. To issue ( a denunciation, for example ) thunderously.
14. They are in danger of denunciation by Madame Defarge.
15. on another wall was the old denunciation in Chinese: "[SACO] was the command center and supreme headquarters of American and Chiang's special agents for suppressing and massacring Chinese people.
16. But, once the denunciation is done, what are we gonna burn then?
17. The eventual denunciation of a failed withdrawal, even after consecutive solicitations from the clients, will be considered as proof with regards to the bank's unsuitability to operate.
18. He seized the floor for a violent denunciation of our tactics.
19. After Senator Erwin's denunciation of the funding polices, LEAA announced that it would no longer fund medical research into behavior modification and psychosurgery.
20. Under the storm of denunciation Brissenden complacently sipped his toddy and affirmed that everything the other said was quite true, with the exception of the magazine editors.
21. At least, It'should: denunciation for its own sake sometimes proves irresistible.
22. That may explain his initial denunciation of Mr Cameron for inflaming extremism, and his subsequent recantation.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. He has been scathing in his denunciation of corrupt and incompetent politicians.
24. His negative expression of this belief in bipolarity was his denunciation of neutrality, which he characterized as immoral.
25. To the degree that we accept such rituals without denunciation, we are colluding in the further subjugation of illiterate adults.
26. But he is angriest at and reserves his strongest denunciation for the intelligentsia, whom he accuses of sycophantic devotion to Yeltsin.
27. Nizan's political stance at this juncture was a curious mixture of uncompromising denunciation and sweet-talking collaboration.
28. In a society where many people routinely break laws against blackmarket activities just to get by, everyone is vulnerable to denunciation by a neighbor or friend who has his own sins to hide.
29. Imams agreed a text for Friday sermons quoting "the Koran and the Hadith" which forms a denunciation of the idolatrous nature of the giant structure.
30. His hatred of them and he excelled Martin in denunciation when he turned upon them.
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