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Honeycomb in a sentence

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Sentence count:82Posted:2017-03-10Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: honeyatom bombmoneytycoonboycottbonneyjourneychimneyMeaning: ['hʌnɪkəʊm]  n. 1. a structure of small hexagonal cells constructed from beeswax by bees and used to store honey and larvae 2. a framework of hexagonal cells resembling the honeycomb built by bees. v. 1. carve a honeycomb pattern into 2. penetrate thoroughly and into every part 3. make full of cavities, like a honeycomb. 
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1. A honeycomb provides the most rigid structure with lightest weight.
2. There was a spreading honeycomb of a wine-rack, full and expensive looking.
3. You can make a simple honeycomb by taking several straws and gluing them together side by side.
4. As dissolution proceeds, a honeycomb texture may result, particularly where a mineral has near rectilinear cleavages.
5. Honeycomb sandwich materials represent the ultimate in low weight and high stiffness, and have revolutionised aircraft and racing car design.
6. Jay brought Dionne honeycomb cell shaped soap and an oil and sand picture with its ever-changing magic.
7. Why are honeycomb cells in bee hives hexagon shaped?
8. Thermal shock resistance of honeycomb ceramics was 600 ℃.
9. The cushioning property of honeycomb board was analyzed.
10. Subpleural honeycomb cysts typically occur in several contiguous layers.
11. Please pile these honeycomb coal briquettes in the corner.
12. Bees store honey in the cells of the honeycomb.
13. The honeycomb regenerator's structure optimizing software is developed.
14. Dummy bottom and honeycomb duct are furnisher.
15. They're also developing a version of Android called Honeycomb, which is designed to run on tablet computers and will follow on the heels of Gingerbread.
16. The combustion properties of civil honeycomb like briquette are similar to the common sold one.
17. True to it's name, the Honeycomb speaker set is shaped like a very elegant looking honeycomb and is wall mountable .
18. A series of anomalistic hexagon structure of honeycomb papers was studied based on FEA. The purpose was to provide reference for selecting packaging material and evaluating packaging quality.
19. A healthy lung is pink and full of a honeycomb of fragile air pockets.
20. Sometimes the wheelbarrow was stuck so firmly that the aluminium honeycomb began to rip from the rim as I pushed.
21. She had intended to lay the circles in the desert in a symmetrical honeycomb pattern, recalling the bees of her vision.
22. The wings are constructed of aluminium alloy with a honeycomb cover.
23. It was constructed from an aluminium alloy formed into a honeycomb bonded between inner and outer
24. When it is made of medium density fibreboard with a honeycomb core, it can bear 5 tons weight of goods under dynamic state.
25. To find out, Von Frisch built special hives , each with only one honeycomb.
26. Under the same load, the curve that the maximum stress of aluminum honeycomb core varies with the subtense distance and depth of honeycomb core has been gained.
27. In addition, the high speed milling force model of NOMEX honeycomb was established, and the optimization of milling parameters for the goal of minimum milling force was carried out.
28. Coal products for residents refer to briquet , coal cake, honeycomb briquette and kindling charcoal.
29. Every aspect was explained detailedly such as the categories and assured method of size of outside force, honeycomb fibreboard , ect.
30. The Rayleigh Model is used to prove that the alloy honeycomb monolith has sound absorption performance.
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