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Plume in a sentence

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Sentence count:116+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-07Updated:2017-03-07
Synonym: congratulatedressfeatherfleecegazumphookoverchargepluckplumagepreenprideprimprobsoaksurchargeSimilar words: nom de plumeplumpplummetvolumeplusplutopluckpluckyMeaning: [pluːm]  n. 1. a feather or cluster of feathers worn as an ornament 2. the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds. v. 1. rip off; ask an unreasonable price 2. be proud of 3. deck with a plume 4. clean with one's bill 5. form a plume 6. dress or groom with elaborate care. 
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(1) A black plume of smoke rose above the city.
(2) She writes under the nom de plume of Alison Cooper.
(3) A radioactive plume could reach the city within hours.
(4) A plume of smoke rose from the chimney.
(5) The red plume on the horse's head was nodding to the rhythm of its steps.
(6) After the explosion, a plume of smoke could be seen in the sky for miles around.
(7) The rising plume of black smoke could be seen all over Kabul.
(8) And a plume of smoke here and there.
(9) There was a tiny plume of smoke at infinity.
(10) But the hot-spot plume that created this island has been erupting in this way since long before the Tristanians came.
(11) No one has ever imaged a hot-spot plume with seismic tomography.
(12) The slow-moving plume has moved thousands of yards past the five-acre yard at Bernardo Avenue and Gamble Lane, health officials say.
(13) There is again a plume, but additionally horizontal layers of double diffusive convection spread out around this.
(14) It sent a plume of smoke hundreds of miles east across four states.
(15) Lab officials disclosed this week that the plume had been growing for at least six years.
(16) There was no wind to bend the plume of black smoke rising from the hospital's incineration chimney.
(17) Challenged by geochemists, I have followed the plume as high as I could by keeping the smoke in sight.
(18) If the seismic waves miss the plume, their record of it is lost to geophysicists.
(19) All this was topped off by a tricorne hat decorated by a plume.
(20) When we reached the car[], I held a flashlight while Lydell White Plume changed the tire.
(21) The shrimp are protected from the cauldron, though, by seawater drawn up beside the rising plume.
(22) The environmental coalition also has proposed some type of barrier to prevent further expansion of the underground plume.
(23) When they can catch them, the crabs will nip off bits of red plume from tubeworms.
(24) At fifteen thousand feet it happens automatically, swat, the orange plume streaming out of his shoulder blades.
(25) Driving towards the bridge I could see a black plume of smoke.
(26) Small eddies in the flow entrain cold water, mixing it into the plume, cooling the plume quickly.
(27) Ocean island and continental flood basalt occurrences represent different expressions of plume activity.
(28) This archer wears a white smock over a grey uniform with distinguishing red ribbons and plume.
(29) He has yet to prove, though, that this patch is the real McCoy, the birthplace of a hot-spot plume.
(30) Jason in fact, may have been a horror-movie nom de plume.
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