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Nonplussed in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2016-11-30Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: focussedplusstressedaddresseddepressedembarrassedin placenonprofitMeaning: ['nɑn'plʌst /'nɒn-]  adj. filled with bewilderment. 
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1. I was completely nonplussed by his sudden appearance.
2. I was nonplussed by what he asked me.
3. Billy was completely nonplussed by Elliot's refusal.
4. I was completely nonplussed by his reply.
5. The speaker was completely nonplussed by the question.
6. Mundin is nonplussed at our lack of proper titillation.
7. "I don't know," he said, nonplussed at the question.
8. Even Orozco seems nonplussed by his fame.
9. Factory were a little nonplussed by the decision.
10. He was also nonplussed that so few real horticulturists were enthused over his resurrection idea for McDowell Mountain Park.
11. George knew that she was a bit nonplussed at his eagerness for her to have her own social life.
12. Nonplussed by such an odd question, Diana replied in the negative.
13. Nonplussed, Loretta explained that she had driven right through the village without finding it.
14. It was Tigress'turn to be nonplussed.
15. The young fellow was nonplussed.
16. She was hurt , angry, nonplussed.
17. Cowperwood was disturbed, nonplussed at this unexpected sight.
18. Although his wife was offended, he was nonplussed.
19. Ed seemed nonplussed till Andy explained: " This means I'm staying the course. "
20. Birkin approached, smiling wickedly at seeing Ursula so nonplussed and frightened.
21. He gave me a nonplussed look, so I gave up on the shallow pretence that I could speak any Turkish and, instead, went to get my phrasebook to show him the relevant words for "bicycle shop".
22. She was nonplussed at the possibility of the errand being different from what she had thought.
23. Nonplussed for a moment, Pug realized that the heavy pleasantry was intended as a kindness.
24. This again nonplussed the youngster, who took his defeat to his teacher.
25. Mrs. Clinton nonplussed, before replying, " Well, we will get along very well. "sentencedict .com
26. She expected him to ask for a scotch and was rather nonplussed when he asked her to mix him a martini and lemonade.
27. With that avowal, tears sprang to her eyes, leaving Farini nonplussed.
28. Joan's great skill, then as now, was to be completely nonplussed by anything Richard did.
29. And, faced with this question, most men are totally nonplussed at the idea.
30. He was afraid of being treated as a provincial if he showed himself too much nonplussed.
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