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Subsume in a sentence

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Synonym: colligateSimilar words: resumeassumepresumeconsumeassumedconsumerconsumerismabsurdMeaning: [səb'suːm /-sjuːm]  v. 1. contain or include 2. consider (an instance of something) as part of a general rule or principle. 
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1. to subsume the books.
2. How can subsume these items?
3. States subsume many of the responsibilities of governing from the county.
4. States collect taxes and subsume many of the responsibilities of governing from the county.
5. The emergent higher-level behaviors subsume the lower-level behaviors.
6. Subsume all of the military under one, with authority.
7. In order to handle this aspect, subsume relationships are of prime importance.
8. They preserve their heritage but subsume its display under the broader complexion of Singapore nationalism.
9. Much as relativity subsumed Newtonian physics, a quantum theory of gravity will ultimately subsume relativity.
10. We can subsume spatiotemporal descriptions and descriptions in terms of properties in these formal spaces under the rubric of structural descriptions.
11. You are always willing and eager to subsume your interests and desires to his.
12. In this way, he can't but roughly subsume Albee's works in the chapter of "Parallels and Proselytes,[] " saying that his survey is not complete.
13. the application may subsume the role of the coordinator at which point it becomes less and less clear why the protocol is needed at all above and beyond the business logic itself.
14. Even such popular futurists as Alvin and Heidi Toffler generally subsume women into a homogeneous, unisex future.
15. The cultural forms of late capitalism have thus become entirely pervasive and able to subsume any attempt at opposition.
16. The peace conference in Madrid seems to me to subsume all past resolutions.
17. Its European neighbors, by contrast, their histories indelibly stained by tyranny, military defeat, and imperial barbarity, seem eager to subsume themselves in a suffocating superstate.
18. But the Macanese — as this former Portuguese colony's mixed-race residents are called — are threatened by a demographic tide that could subsume their culture.
19. He spent the second half of his career trying to poke holes in the theory and to subsume it in a unified theory that would restore certainty and determinism to physics.
20. I think the administration's decided at least for now to subsume (currency) under some larger issues like economic reform, financial reform, and other important issues.
21. Say what you will about the notion that the open Web would subsume all computing functions (surely that postdates 1995?
22. More than anything, Dennis was interested in choosing people who could subsume their egos.
23. From the standpoint of a diversified portfolio, the individual component instruments subsume into the overall performance.
24. You know, yes, yes, you know, we care about you, but you have to subsume your interest, your personal interest.
25. If your later needs exceed the abilities that these components expose, then you can create specialized components that subsume the functionality in these.
26. Let us consider two examples, both of which would be difficult to subsume under the gentle rubric of "externalities."
27. Authority to control process: Does this software development organization have sufficient backing to subsume, align, or differentiate other process initiatives within the company?
28. From the standpoint of a diversified portfolio, the individual component instruments subsume into.
29. Finally, the characteristics and connection strategies of generator are presented, and based on subsume index, a breadth-first algorithm for mining non-redundant association rule is proposed.
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