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Plummet in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2017-01-02Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: plumbplumb bobplumpSimilar words: summerplumpmidsummersummitsummaryplussummationplungeMeaning: ['plʌmɪt]  n. the metal bob of a plumb line. v. drop sharply. 
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1. And Forbes began to plummet in the polls.
2. For some inexplicable reason her spirits seemed to plummet earthwards.
3. Except in the unlikely event that rates soon plummet, it could cost the bank up to £100m this year.
4. The rope snapped, causing the climber to plummet several hundred feet down the mountain.
5. An excellent rice harvest caused prices to plummet by 40 %.
6. Shares could plummet under plans by the government regulator to split the huge monopoly into two.
7. A drought caused agricultural production to plummet 11 % in 1995, driving up food prices and retarding overall economic growth.
8. This year, that amount could plummet to $ 1 million, a serious blow to the already financially struggling tribe.
9. Temperatures plummet to minus sixty degrees or lower at night even at the equator in midsummer.
10. Temperatures during the long Mercurian night would probably plummet to below zero.
11. And, just like a spent rocket, the plummet to earth is happening even faster than the upward rise.
12. Grogginess, sleepiness and the inevitable productivity plummet.
13. Just watch your electricity bills plummet!
14. Everyone expects Broadways box office to plummet in September.
15. What caused the balloon to plummet?
16. This has caused confidence to plummet in recent months after a decade - long boom in commercial property.
17. Photo: Two news helicopters plummet to earth after colliding midair over a park in Phoenix, Arizona.
18. The prices of the shares may ~ or plummet within one day.
19. Stocks that plummet to half their value aren't losers, they're'non - performers '.
20. They have seen crime rates and their feelings of physical insecurity rise, and their overall quality of life plummet.
21. An accountant is rooted to the spot as sheets of glass plummet towards
22. Numerous downsized banks, insurers and retail chains have seen their customers' satisfaction plummet.
23. Drop! drop! some of our friends are screaming, daring him to plummet headfirst into the dangerous rubble.
24. No one wants to hold a currency that they expect to plummet in value.
25. Since the impact of the financial tsunami, the sales of the apparel industry plummet. The inventory sharp increase, the capital turnover of enterprise flow slowly.
26. Also, the yuan, the Chinese currency unit, does not float freely in global markets, ruling out a drastic plummet.
27. Beijing believes that due to ping refinancing scheme triggered investors panic selling, stock price drop to drag down the financial sector, and China Petroleum weight Unit continued to plummet.
28. That could be alarming if markets dry up and asset values plummet.
29. If foreigners were to stop accumulating new dollars, the dollar's value would plummet.
30. It doesn't matter how fit the rats are; when they leave their feet, their LPL levels plummet.
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