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Plump in a sentence

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Synonym: chubbychunkycorpulentfatfleshyobesepudgyroundstockystouttubbyAntonym: leanSimilar words: plusplungeglumjumpdumppumpcolumnvolumeMeaning: [plʌmp]  n. the sound of a sudden heavy fall. v. 1. drop sharply 2. set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise 3. make fat or plump 4. give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number. adj. euphemisms for slightly fat. adv. straight down especially heavily or abruptly. 
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1. He's got rather plump since I last saw him.
2. I'm going to plump for the vegetable curry.
3. The nurse was a cheerful plump woman.
4. You're getting a bit plump you need to diet!
5. Alexandra looked plump and awkward in her cast-off clothing.
6. The plump ginger kitten had settled comfortably in her arms and was purring enthusiastically.
7. Maria was small and plump with a mass of curly hair.
8. She is beginning to plump out now.
9. Let me plump up your pillows for you.
10. His plump face was wreathed in smiles.
11. She was a plump, motherly woman in her fifties.
12. A short plump woman came waddling along the pavement.
13. His plump face flushed with indignation.
14. The book landed with a plump on the floor.
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15. Which film did you plump for in the end?
16. Plump the bags down anywhere you like.
17. The baby's nice and plump.
18. She's not thin-if anything she's on the plump side.
19. She had a plump, pretty face.
20. She didn't take kindly to being called plump.
21. His cheeks are beginning to plump out / up.
22. A short plump man came waddling towards me.
23. He was a plump, placid boy.
24. Their daughter is quite plump but their son is positively elephantine.
25. I think Tessa should plump for Malcolm, her long-suffering admirer.
26. She's a large plump woman with a shock of red hair.
27. Tidy up the room and plump up the cushions to get ready for our guests.
28. They had to be youngish, plump women.
29. He's not thin if anything he's rather on the plump side.
30. "You need to rest," she told her reassuringly as she moved to plump up her pillows.
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