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Pliant in a sentence

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Synonym: bendableductileelasticflexiblemalleableplasticpliabletensiletractileSimilar words: appliancecompliancevaliantbrilliantItalianalliancecivilianbrillianceMeaning: ['plaɪənt]  adj. 1. capable of being influenced or formed 2. capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out 3. able to adjust readily to different conditions 4. capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking. 
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1. Isabel was pliant in his arms.
2. She lay pliant in his arms.
3. Pliant judges have been a problem in the past.
4. The government wanted to make the press more pliant.
5. These toys are made of pliant rubber, so they won't break.
6. She's proud and stubborn, you know, under that pliant exterior.
7. He was deposed and replaced by a more pliant successor.
8. The management has adopted a more pliant position, and has agreed to listen to the staff's requests.
9. Of Isabel lying soft and pliant in his arms, her slender body pressed to his.
10. The joints of his limbs were so pliant and flexible that he seemed much more like one asleep than dead.
11. Limbs pliant, reason suspended, she lay in a universe where nothing mattered except that he should not stop.
12. When it is dragged over pliant areas, an additional percussive tap could indicate this collision.
13. Candy knew just what El Lobo, with his pliant body and immobile gaze, was up to.
14. The world is glue, pitch, paste—always too pliant; a dough that softly kneads the kneader, and whispers to the hand the material absurdity that it should loosen its grip, renounce its labor.
15. Our factory's spring chairs are Both pliant and strong, and comfortaBle to sit in.
16. When it is dragged over pliant areas, an percussive tap could indicate this collision.
17. New research shows how the pliant animals create such a stiff limb.
18. They weave a basket out of osiers with pliant young willows.
19. As pliant as silicon has been over the last half - century, carbon nanotubes have some significant advantages.
20. I don't think it's a good thing for children to be too pliant.
21. Their skin feels like day-after-death skin, cold and hard though still faintly pliant.
21. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
22. As the flickering tongue scooped inside her shallow navel, so she felt gentle hands squeezing her pliant gourds.
23. Women were the first, the most expendable, the most pliant, and the easiest victims.
24. You feel the grit in the clay, the slick surface of the glass, the pliant rubber.
25. The city council, famous in the 1980s for its bitter internal disputes, could not be more pliant.
26. She sat rigidly, shaking, incapable of anything other than being there, pliant in his hands.
27. Mr Gorbachev has three instruments that, he hopes, will make the press more pliant while falling short of complete censorship.
28. Malaysia has an unusual combination of high internet penetration and pliant mainstream media.
29. Selection in this new niche would have been principally for tameness, but competition among cats would also have continued to influence their evolution and limit how pliant they became.
30. Then he put a forkful into his mouth, chewing with discernment the toothsome pliant meat.
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