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Outside in a sentence

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Sentence count:267+88 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-22Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: insideSimilar words: outsideroutside ofside by sidesideasidesubsideresidebesideMeaning: ['aʊtsaɪd]  n. 1. the region that is outside of something 2. the outer side or surface of something. adj. 1. relating to or being on or near the outer side or limit 2. coming from the outside 3. originating or belonging beyond some bounds:"the outside world" 4. located, suited for, or taking place in the open air 5. functioning outside the boundaries or precincts of an organized unit 6. leading to or from the outside 7. from or between other countries 8. very unlikely 9. on or toward an outer edge 10. (of a baseball pitch) on the far side of home plate from the batter. adv. 1. outside a building 2. on the outside. 
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1. The reporters buttonholed the witness outside the courtroom.
2. Take your boots off outside if they're muddy.
3. A gang of youths were loitering outside the cinema.
4. The sparrows chirp outside the window every morning.
5. Richard was waiting outside the door as she emerged.
6. It's too flipping cold to go outside!
7. A car came to a stop outside the jeweller's.
8. There was a clamour of voices outside the office.
9. Her lawyer made a statement outside the court.
10. Such decisions are outside the remit of this committee.
11. She's outside, working on the car.
12. He's outside fixing the brakes on the car.
13. There were pickets outside the factory gates.
14. Outside the snow began to fall.
15. Maria shuddered as she stepped outside.
16. Signs with three balls hang outside pawnbrokers' shops.
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. Better zip your jacket; it's cold outside.
18. They lay at anchor outside the harbour.
19. There's a fella outside who wants to see you.
20. Do you fall outside that age bracket?
21. Outside this door is the garage.
22. The sign outside the motel said "No Vacancies".
23. Don't stand outside shivering-come inside and get warm!
24. We'll have the party outside, weather permitting .
25. There are two people waiting outside.
26. Outside, the fog was thick and impenetrable.
27. A guard was posted outside the building.
28. The outside of the house needs painting.
29. There were several kids lolling around outside the club.
30. If the orange is going to be bad ----for the best of us are bad sometimes ---it begins to be bad from the outside, not from the inside. 
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