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Mythical in a sentence

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Synonym: fabulousmythicmythologicmythologicalSimilar words: ethicalunethicalmythcatastrophicallyphilosophicalby thisthickethicMeaning: ['mɪθɪkl]  adj. based on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity. 
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(1) The unicorn is a mythical creature.
(2) Faulkner set his novels in the mythical Yoknapatawpha County.
(3) Female speaker Atalanta was a mythical huntress and athlete.
(4) The budget is a mythical beanbag.
(5) Col. 10 contains references to the mythical events recounted in the poem.
(6) The mythical opponents, Vishnu representing complacency and preservation and Siva symbolizing change and metamorphosis, gain another perspective in the light of physics.
(7) Comparing themselves with that mythical family, everyone ends up with feelings of relative deprivation.
(8) What, exactly, are these mythical fears that so regularly block the path to high performance?
(9) The man was a mythical figure from the Doctor's past.
(10) It reveals as mythical much of the past theological rationale for disunity.
(11) The Arjun tank, named after a mythical Hindu warrior, would eventually compete with products in the Western arms market.
(12) Sometimes they can have a mythical dimension, images that shed a new light on traditions of wisdom or legend.
(13) It is represented by a mythical person only interested in gardening and playing darts.
(14) Local folk tales made it the home of mythical monsters.
(15) How does a mythical figure ask a lady to dance?
(16) That mythical policeman whom your Major saw for just one second, as he admitted?
(17) This stuff written about me has created a mythical figure in the public mind.
(18) Start living life here and now instead of waiting for that mythical day when you'll be slim.
(19) It was identified with Necessity and was symbolized by the unceasing rotation of a wheel, like the mythical wheel of Ixion.
(20) She has become a parody of herself, doomed to spend the rest of her life acting out her own mythical qualities.
(21) It was traditional for princelings to commission elaborate genealogies alleging their descent from mythical heroes or gods.
(22) And the middle-aged philanderer, it turns out, is as mythical as the sexless middle-aged woman.
(23) They dwell instead on invalid core beliefs and the kinds of mythical fear that such beliefs nearly always inspire.
(24) This leads in turn to the third and deepest level of the motif, the mythical aspect.
(25) Franklin draws much of her inspiration from early cultures and the symbolic and mythical imagery associated with them.
(26) The contents of the papyrus are a commentary on the mythical poetry of Orpheus.
(27) However, the Nez Perce themselves placed their origins in the blood of a mythical monster slain by the culture hero Coyote.
(28) Belinda shifted her sandalled feet nervously, wondering suddenly if Deana had decided to hang around until the mythical sailor showed up.
(29) Snow White is a classic tale, one that conjures up wonderful images of mythical creatures.
(30) Some letters were pictures in themselves, containing miniature dragons, wyverns, centaurs and other mythical beasts.
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