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Thick in a sentence

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Sentence count:224+82 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-09Updated:2017-02-09
Synonym: asininebroadbulkycoarsecrowdeddensedullmassivenumerousstupidteemingAntonym: sparsethinSimilar words: ethicethicschickenethicalempathicchicwhichpsychicMeaning: [θɪk]  n. the location of something surrounded by other things. adj. 1. not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions 2. having component parts closely crowded together 3. relatively dense in consistency 4. spoken as if with a thick tongue 5. hard to pass through because of dense growth 6. (of darkness) very intense 7. heavy and compact in form or stature 8. (used informally) associated on close terms 9. used informally 10. abounding; having a lot of. adv. 1. with a thick consistency 2. in quick succession. 
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1. Faults are thick where love is thin. 
2. Faults are thick while love is thin. 
3. As thick as thieves.
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4. The ground was thick with dead leaves.
5. They had to approach the castle through thick swamps.
6. Thick patchy fog and irresponsible driving were to blame.
7. Sometimes, you can be really thick.
8. She wears glasses with very thick lenses.
9. Use fairly thick wads of newspaper.
10. His coat was plastered with thick yellow mud.
11. The air was thick with cigar fumes.
12. Is the ice thick enough for skating?
13. He was perspiring in his thick woollen suit.
14. She almost choked to death in the thick fumes.
15. Its brass feet dented the carpet's thick pile.
16. They pierced through the thick forest.
17. A snake slithered into the thick grass.
18. Outside, the fog was thick and impenetrable.
19. I misheard the word "sick" as "thick".
20. The sun soon dispelled the thick fog.
21. These sheep have fine thick fleeces.
22. He dipped the brush into the thick white paint.
23. Everything was covered with a thick layer of dust.
24. Is the ice thick enough to walk on?
25. Thick/Heavy/Dense fog has made driving conditions dangerous.
26. The thick snow covers the ground.
27. The trees are thick with leaves.
28. A thick wall keeps the noise at bay.
29. The dinner plates were thick with grease.
30. The air had grown thick and smoky.
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