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Carnal in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2016-12-13Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: mentalmoralspiritualSimilar words: incarnationjournalinternalexternalpaternaljournalismnocturnaljournalistMeaning: ['kɑːnl]  adj. 1. marked by the appetites and passions of the body 2. of or relating to the body or flesh. 
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(1) Their ruling passion is that of carnal love.
(2) But not, he swears, in a carnal sense.
(3) He had had to confess his carnal thoughts to Father Devlin and had been severely censured.
(4) But carnal knowledge sours his relationship with his clients, and paradise is lost.
(5) I thought about carnal pleasure, and looked around and felt certain that something cataclysmic was well on its way.
(6) It is notable primarily for its lack of carnal interest.
(7) The fruit was carnal knowledge, and everybody from Thomas Aquinas to Milton knew it.
(8) So City Hall made sure our carnal vices were kept to a public minimum.
(9) I am carnal[ ], sold under sin.
(10) The carnal man fears death a beast fears slaughter.
(11) Gluttong and drunkenness have been called carnal vices.
(12) Their whole nature was carnal and sinful.
(13) It makes a spiritual man a carnal one.
(14) Gluttony and drunkenness have been called carnal vices.
(15) Love is spiritual, lust is carnal.
(16) Is It'simply a Kiss of Carnal Dreams?
(17) The carnal Jews hold a midway place between Christians and heathens.
(18) Have carnal knowledge of last 13 day the dilatation and curettage.
(19) Maybe the cap thinking the good thing ? Carnal sound was from there again.
(20) She knew what loving meant perhaps, but little of violence and carnal needs.
(21) In the end she opts for the serious, renounces carnal love, and decides to become a Catholic.
(22) It is the threesome of snake, Eve, and Adam which, according to the Bible, makes for carnal knowledge.
(23) Henry, taken aback, replied weakly that he had not had carnal relations with Anne's mother.
(24) The Natural History Museum is to harness public curiosity about the almost infinite variety of carnal knowledge with an exhibition that lays out toe-curling truths about wild sex.
(25) God does not propose to remove every objection which the carnal heart bring against His truth.
(26) The cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches are apt to choke everything good within us, and we grow fretful , desponding, perhaps proud and carnal.
(27) But we have reasons to cool our raging motions, our carnal stings , our unbitted lusts.
(28) Full awareness of the age of a young girl is an essential element of the crime of fornication with an underage girl, which is the original idea of the provision of carnal abuse in the criminal law.
(29) Experiment a method better than general of observation method, consumedly strengthen the active that people obtain sensitive faculty material and feeling carnal knowledge.
(30) Our life on earth is, and ought to be , material and carnal.
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