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Lessening in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2017-04-02Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: lessenessencelessermessengeressentialin essenceeveningopeningMeaning: ['lesnɪŋ]  n. a change downward. 
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1. The pain was already lessening.
2. By lessening your own tension you help to relax others in your sphere; relaxation and tension are infectious.
3. Her trusting Donald like this, it was lessening the value of her trust in him.
4. This naturally leads to a lessening of tension in the body.
5. To some extent, this may indicate a lessening preference for the institutions of marriage.
6. Unfortunately this is not always done, lessening the chances of full and effective usage of the aid provided.
7. The talks have resulted in a lessening of suspicion.
8. Lessening Impacts When Campfires Are Used.
9. Still, there is relief over the lessening of tensions.
10. Maoist victory could mean a lessening of Indian influence over its smaller neighbor to the north.
11. I know. But why your sudden interest in lessening your salt intake?
12. She acquiesced with a full understanding of his reserve, and with no lessening in her dedication to his pleasure.
13. It should be used as a platform from which to explore the different modes that he suggests of lessening the short-run myopia.
14. A better solution is for automakers to develop air bags that inflate more slowly, lessening the risk of injury.
15. The new project will greatly help these cyclists as well as lessening the effects of car pollution.
16. After the reforms, the industrial adjustment makes the employment structure more reasonable, so the contradiction of the un-balance situation is lessening.
17. The experimental results show that the address map table is constructed by making use of arboreal storage structure which have advantage of lessening the wasting time to complete a search process.
18. The weeks went by and the cat's sorrow seemed to be lessening.
19. The vibration dispose countermeasures which includes preventing resonance caused by same inhere frequency, lessening pressure puke and using accumulator to absorb vibration etc.
20. The significance of using thin type circular diamond sawblade is to reduce cutting width, thus lessening stone resources waste.
21. Mary: I knowinging. But reason your sudden interest in lessening your salt in get?
22. It can avoid approximate factorization or block-bidiagonal matrix, and has obvious superiority in enhancing accuracy, lessening amount of calculation, improving stability.
23. At last , the author prove that ESOP can bring many satisfactory results for State - owned shares lessening.
24. Mary: I know. But why your sudden interest in lessening your salt intake?
25. Massage is an ideal way to deal with piriformis syndrome by alleviating piriformis spasm, stripping adhesion, regulating channels,[] improving local blood circulation and lessening pain.
26. So however much he earned, she spent it, her demands growing and lessening with his income.
27. Results:With this method, the drug stocks can be controlled within 7 days during the purchasing period, accelerating the hospital's capital turnover, lessening the frequency of purchases.
28. At last, vacuum circuit breaker switching capacitance group overvoltage formative causes and electrode refining for lessening reignition are discuss.
29. Its users can conduct input by means of the touch-sensitive panel without positioning key-press structure of prior arts, thus lessening size of the electronic equipment.
30. The music stopped as they entered and the crowd of people seemed to her confused mind to surge up to her like the roar of the sea and then ebb away, with lessening, ever-lessening sound.
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