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Incidentally in a sentence

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Synonym: accidentallyaproposby chanceby the byeby the waySimilar words: incidentaloccidentalaccidentalincidentincidencecoincidenceaccidentdentalMeaning: [‚ɪntlɪ]  adv. 1. introducing a different topic 2. in an incidental manner 3. by the way. 
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1. Incidentally, I wanted to have a word with you about your expenses claim.
2. The letter mentioned my great-aunt and uncle only incidentally.
3. Incidentally, I think you still owe me some money.
4. Some people, and incidentally that includes Arthur, just won't look after themselves properly.
5. The information was only discovered incidentally.
6. The wine, incidentally, goes very well with a mature cheese.
7. Quite incidentally, I got some useful information at the party.
8. Incidentally, where were you born?
9. Incidentally,( the body shape also means the hand is in the optimum position for absorbing the recoil impact.
10. Incidentally, this means that we can use mitochondria to trace our ancestry, strictly down the female line.
11. Incidentally the Amstrad mouse driver is only MOUSE.COM and don't try using other mouse drivers because they definitely don't work.
12. Incidentally, if an aircraft is very difficult to get into a spin, it also may be very difficult to recover.
13. Incidentally, we would be grateful if you would do your best to be ready to start work at 11.00 a.m.
14. The private detective who, not so incidentally, taught Patrick everything he knows.
15. Masur does incidentally, even in this live performance, observe the exposition repeat in the first movement.
16. Incidentally, direct a little light down behind the speaker: it fills the space behind him and makes him more three-dimensional.
17. It was only incidentally a timepiece. primarily it was a mechanical representation of the universe, a kind of planetarium.
18. Incidentally a lot of nonsense is talked about tax rates under the Tories.
19. Incidentally women may be mentioned, in prayers or as subsidiary figures in readings.
20. It is worth noting, incidentally, that such crossover in readership is not uncommon.
21. He was also, incidentally, a fellow sailing enthusiast.
22. Cook has incidentally been given a testimonial season by Transvaal for his outstanding services over a long period.
23. Incidentally the odds on the hunted fox being killed are about evens.
24. We had a marvellous meal at that restaurant you recommended - incidentally, I must give you the number of a similar one I know.
25. One will be for a fast and reliable commuter line across Kent, which could incidentally carry cross-Channel traffic.
26. Refusing to come to terms with reality harms us and, incidentally, deceives no one else for long.
27. Umbrellas could be made of oiled cloth, so that they did incidentally hold off the rain.
28. He made me promise to give you a call, incidentally, tell you how much fun he's having.
29. Hincmar reveals more than Dhuoda about eating arrangements, and, incidentally, about the lay-out of the palace-complex.
30. These in turn partly explain its lagging behind the Westwhich, incidentally, was entirely relative.
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