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Sacramental in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-02-15Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: temperamentalornamentalfundamentalsentimentalmentalmentallylamentablyincrementalMeaning: [‚sækrə'mentl]  adj. of or relating to or involving a sacrament. 
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(1) The Eucharist refers to the sacramental bread and wine.
(2) The sacramental functions these women could not perform were executed by circuit-riding priests.
(3) He mentioned the possibility of sacramental confession at the time of Lent.
(4) The Standing might constitute a breach of sacramental etiquette, but it was hardly a breach of the peace.
(5) But they can not perform Catholic sacramental duties, such as hearing confession, offering Communion or giving last rites.
(6) The purpose of the interview isto produce a sacramental moment in which the human soul meets Godas revealed in Christ.
(7) The most potent flags assume a sacramental quality, as if the spirit of the nation is embodied in them, nowhere more so than in the Stars and Stripes.
(8) Monks, however, do not normally perform sacramental rituals for the laity, and would not normally officiate at baptisms and marriages.
(9) Through a kind of sacramental rite at the family tomb, the father's struggle becomes the son's birthright.
(10) A glittering display of silver-gilt sacramental objects has come from King John V's chapel at S?o Roque in Lisbon, the entire chapel made in Rome, blessed by the pope and then shipped to Portugal.
(11) Some of the rites played a kind of sacramental role in the nation's imagination, conferring a healing reassurance.
(12) Sacramental Marriage is a privileged participation in this new creation inaugurated with the proclamation of the Kingdom.
(13) At Marburg[ ], Luther refused to give up the idea of "sacramental union" that took place between the elements and Christ's body and blood.
(14) Zwingli did not see the need for a "sacramental union" in the Lord's Supper because of his modified understanding of sacraments.
(15) Manichaean worship included fasting, daily prayers, and sacramental meals which differed greatly Lord's Supper.
(16) Manichaean worship included fasting, daily prayers, and sacramental meals which differed greatly from the Lord's Supper.
(17) Struan, because of its direct descent from a traditional ritualistic practice, still retains a trace of sacramental efficacy.
(18) While Gilbert had inserted some new titles, Alan added a completely new book dealing with sacramental law.
(19) Celebration is a lost art, a spiritual practice whose original purpose is sacramental in quality.
(20) He still believed that lovemaking was a sign and a strengthening of the sacramental bond between two people.
(21) Sevenhill was established in 1851 when the Jesuits who settled in the area planted vines to produce sacramental wine.
(22) The principle on which these associations are based is common tradition by which they share the same sacramental bond.
(23) "Dear, " Archer whispered, pressing her to him: it was borne in on him that the first hours of being engaged, even if spent in a ball-room, had in them something grave and sacramental.
(24) This is because it has its basis in the Spirit of God, who cannot be encased in a sacramental box or a ritualistic formula.
(25) The last paragraph elucidates the three elements in an ideal religion, that is, the sacramental , the mystical, and the ethical, through a discussion of the unrecogniziblity of the holy.
(26) The practical or ritual dimension is less pronounced in Buddhism than in faiths of a strongly sacramental kind, such as Judaism and Orthodox Christianity.
(27) Germanic myths tell of the gods' great hall of gold, and as Christian churches and monasteries gained wealth, they acquired golden sacramental objects.
(28) Its proper use is among huddled comrades, gathered in a sacramental hush in park or field, on the beach, in the wilderness, or the enfolding darkness of an urban den.
(29) In 1920, Prohibition jolted the wine industry. The majority of Los Angeles wineries closed forever, but Santo requested permission from the Catholic Church to make sacramental wines.
(30) He asserted the supremacy of the Holy Writ over church dogma, attacked the worship of images, relics, and saints, and denounced the sacramental view of the Eucharist and enforced celibacy as well.
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