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Electromagnet in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2017-03-29
Similar words: electromagneticelectromagnetic spectrumelectromagnetic waveferromagneticmagnetic domainelectrodeelectronicelectronicsMeaning: n. a temporary magnet made by coiling wire around an iron core; when current flows in the coil the iron becomes a magnet. 
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(1) To make an electromagnet you need to send a current through the wire.
(2) Lifting electromagnet is a kind of lifting gear.
(3) My electromagnet doesn ' t work!
(4) The principle of electromagnet induction had thus been discovered.
(5) Carefully lift out the little gear and the electromagnet.
(6) Lifting Electromagnet is a lifting tool.
(7) In the same year Argao made the first electromagnet.
(8) Reset pneumatic spring, mechanical spring reset, reset electromagnet operation.
(9) Operated by an electromagnet or using electromagnets.
(10) The utility model relates to an electromagnet, which is composed of a yoke iron, an armature iron, a push rod, a pull rod, a starting coil, a sustain coil, a controlling circuit and an end cover.
(11) On receiving an impulse, the electromagnet coil be comes energized and attracts the armature, causing the pawl to turn the ratchet wheel through a definite number of teeth.
(12) Make the electromagnet attached and fixed to the sheet iron through magnetizing to produce the friction force in the reciprocating motion.
(13) The main structure have:Electromagnet and Heng galvanism source, numerical type Gauss account(the effect of Huo Er) and ammeter and volt account, have control dish of illuminate the system.
(14) The hybrid magnet was made by combining electromagnet with permanent magnet ( PM ).
(15) This current by controlling the electromagnet to control the mechanical movement.
(16) Pulse electromagnetic DC motors, in their simplest form, consist of electromagnet with armature and ratchet wheel mounted on shaft. The right end of armature carries pawl.
(17) This paper introduces a locating device drived by electromagnet that can be used for rebuilding of the universal grinding machine to realizes once grinding process for double raceways .
(18) An electromagnet can be used with the Model 4200 - SCS for determining Hall coefficient.
(19) Magnetic field is supplied by an electromagnet . Reciprocating movement and Brayton magnetic refrigeration cycle are adopted.
(20) The device consists of an electromagnet moving ferronickel optical shutter interposed in a fiber gap, and it's actuation causes optical attenuation.
(21) The electromagnet coil former was analyzed by means of metallurgical microscope. The results shows that cracks results from excessive high temperature while casting and material embrittlement.
(22) A distinction between positive ( north ) and negative ( south ) magnetic poles of an electromagnet or permanent magnet.
(23) In the U. S. , a scientist named Joseph Henry improved on Sturgeon's electromagnet by insulating the cooper wire with silk.
(24) When a brief pulse of electricity is sent to the read/write head it flips on a tiny electromagnet for a fraction of a second.
(25) The continuous rotating magnet field is transformed into discrete step field in the torque vector control and the electromagnet torque is controlled by means of regulating the stator current.
(26) It uses heating forms such as steam, liquefied gas, natural gas and electromagnet, uses electromagnet protection standard, finishes process control integral control, and filling in domestic gap.
(27) The gradient magnetic field generator is one V-shaped tank with V-opening magnetizer and permanent magnet or electromagnet embedded to the bottom.
(28) A magnetic time relay without an independent coil is arranged in the contactor electromagnet electromagnetic valve coil. The fixed core of the magnetic time relay is wound in a coil winding.
(29) DC exciter issued to the generator rotor coil in the rotor to become electromagnet, the magnetic field generated around.
(30) I'm looking for a small quantity (only 2 at the moment) of insulated copper clad aluminum wire for an electromagnet project.
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