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Incessant in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2016-09-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ceaselessconstantcontinualendlessinfinitenonstopperpetualsteadyunbrokenuninterruptedAntonym: intermittentSimilar words: essaypeasantaccessexcessprocessrecessionprocessorexcessiveMeaning: [ɪn'sesnt]  adj. 1. occurring so frequently as to seem ceaseless or uninterrupted 2. uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing. 
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(1) The incessant hurry and trivial activity of daily life seem to prevent, or at least, discourage quiet and intensive thinking.
(2) We have had incessant snowfall since yesterday afternoon.
(3) The noise of bombs and guns was incessant.
(4) The child's incessant talking started to irritate her.
(5) The jukebox ground out an incessant stream of pop music.
(6) The incessant buzzing of helicopters filled the evening sky.
(7) The incessant buzz of conversation filled the student cafeteria.
(8) Julia became irritated by the child's incessant talking.
(9) But nothing could drown out the other incessant thrumming.
(10) The screwdriver emitted a loud, incessant scream.
(11) The incessant rain has meant that many matches had to be cancelled.
(12) Quite apart from the borders' incessant claims on the tsar's attention, they tied down his troops.
(13) At other times, they waged an incessant guerrilla war, attacking isolated Roman garrisons, ambushing caravans, cutting supply routes.
(14) She gave two- or three-word answers to reporters' incessant questions.
(15) Outside the window is the incessant noise of cars and buses.
(16) He was hungry, soaked by the incessant London rain and sheltering in a doorway of a back-street in Cricklewood.
(17) His two-term governorship has been an exercise in incessant mutual support between Texas business and Texas politics.
(18) Democracy died after a period of incessant wars, imperial expansion abroad, and the rise of demagoguery at home.
(19) Eccentrics talk to themselves; some of us address incessant memos to ourselves; many people write in private journals.
(20) Feeling oddly bereft and desolate, besieged by Dolly's incessant chatter, Luce was pleased to get back to the hotel.
(21) The pull of journalism was incessant, but filial loyalty led him to qualify as a property surveyor.
(22) But his wariness, his incessant powers of observation and vigilance, set him apart from others.
(23) They fouled their corners and filled the hot room with their smells, and they frightened him with their incessant snarling.
(24) Far more wearing for the community at large was the incessant drumming which emanated from the jail-house.
(25) I dug the idea of being free enough to just goof off from incessant maths homework.
(26) Keols, invisible in the forest canopy, were calling to each other in their incessant woody voices.
(27) Thunder exploded, roll after roll after roll, so that there seemed to be no gap between but only an incessant bombardment.
(28) A party of skylarks were taking a breather from their incessant high-rise singing to indulge in an early-morning splashing.
(29) The streets and bars were deserted, and for once the incessant noise and bustle had abated.
(30) The governor handled the violent uncertainties of his country, the incessant bloodletting, a lot better than I did.
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