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Hoist in a sentence

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Synonym: boostelevateliftraiseSimilar words: choicelistfisttwistwaistwristassisttouristMeaning: [hɔɪst]  n. lifting device for raising heavy or cumbersome objects. v. 1. raise or haul up with or as if with mechanical help 2. move from one place to another by lifting 3. raise. 
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1. Hoist your sail when the wind is fair. 
2. The crew hurried to hoist the flag.
3. You hoist a flag when you pull it to the top of its pole.
4. Give me a hoist onto your shoulders.
5. The students were hoist by their own petards, however, as Granada decided to transmit the programme anyway.
6. It was the hoist for the backhoe.
7. Tregoning will never operate a hoist again, not in California.
8. As elsewhere, a too zealous objector is hoist by his own petard.
9. It is believed the platform of the hoist toppled over the first floor balcony sending them crashing to the ground floor.
10. We would push out the boat, hoist the sail and visit the lobster pots and conger lines.
11. Hoist your honker to the skies and smell the burning charcoal and dripping, burning fat.
12. She saw Lee hoist the baby on his shoulder, with people passing in the background.
13. He discovered that he was being hoist with his own petard.
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14. I drop my bag inside the window and hoist myself over the sill to follow it.
15. With considerable difficulty, Kirov managed to hoist the photographer to his feet, supporting his dead-weight by his arm-pits.
16. They tumble out of campers, erect tripods and hoist arm-length lenses.
17. The plan, evidently, is to hoist Pretoria with its own petard.
18. The hoist turned, and the bell was allowed to 42 slide down to touch the calm surface of the water.
19. Abandon wait for taxi, hoist bags over shoulder and trudge to site where minivans transport officials and persuasive hangers-on to tournament.
20. Hoist with one's own petard.
21. Rig pilot ladder alongside hoist.
22. Materials are elevated to the top floor by the new hoist.
23. It was indeed a clever plan to entrap his opponent, but in the end he was hoist by his own petard.
24. Three burly workmen duly arrived, complete with truck and mini-crane, to hoist the heavy bins into position.
25. When possible, lifting should be avoided and appropriate equipment, such as a hoist, used in preference.
26. But the captain mocked him for a silly fool and bade the crew hasten to hoist the sail.
27. At the other end the teachers were ready to hoist it on to a trolley for transportation to the basket lift.
28. High Street banks raised their lending rates by two percent following the Government's initial interest rate hoist.
29. The specially constructed trailer, unique to the Cleveland area, has a Ferrari Hyab-type hoist mounted midway along its length.
30. The Republicans, having found it politically useful to spread the myth, are now hoist by it.
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