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Fury in a sentence

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Synonym: ErinyesEumenidesFurycrazedeliriumferocityfiercenessfrenzyfuriousnesshysteriamadnessragevehemenceviolencewildnessSimilar words: juryburyfurusuryluxuryaugurypenuryperjuryMeaning: ['fjʊrɪ /'fjʊər-]  n. 1. a feeling of intense anger 2. state of violent mental agitation 3. the property of being wild or turbulent 4. (classical mythology) the hideous snake-haired monsters (usually three in number) who pursued unpunished criminals. 
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1) Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 
2) He growled with barely controlled fury.
3) He flew into a fury and said that the whole thing was disgusting.
4) He gritted his teeth in silent fury.
5) He could hardly contain his fury.
6) They waited for the crowd's fury to abate.
7) She was listening with such a fury of concentration that she did not notice Arthur had left.
8) That kind of treatment would drive anyone to fury.
9) Jenny stepped forward, her eyes blazing with fury .
10) He flared up in a fury and shouted at her.
11) He flew into a fury when I refused.
12) The storm stuck with elemental fury.
13) The fury of the storm abated.
14) A fury snake overarching was looking at us.
15) She flew into a fury when I wouldn't lend her any money.
16) His whole body shuddered with fury.
17) His face was white with fury.
18) He vented his fury on a telephone box.
19) He screamed at her in a pitch of fury.
20) I tried to subdue my fury.
21) The sight heated them into fury.
22) I hoped she wouldn't turn her fury on me.
23) Flames of fury sprang to my heart.
24) His fury was so great he could hardly speak. He growled some unintelligible words at Pete.
25) She turned on him in a fury.
26) I was shaking with fury .
27) At last the fury of the storm lessened.
28) Claim yourself in defiance, in hope, in love, in fury,[] in gratitude. Claim the Light. Claim the Dark. Claim it all. Nothing can stay.
29) A model of good manners, he has conquered any inward fury.
30) He burst in, making no effort to repress his fury.
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