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Everlasting in a sentence

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Sentence count:123+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ceaselessconstantcontinualendlesseternalinfinitepermanentperpetualSimilar words: overlapplasticstingyprocrastinatepostingtestingexistingeverythingMeaning: n. any of various plants of various genera of the family Compositae having flowers that can be dried without loss of form or color. adj. 1. continuing forever or indefinitely 2. without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers. 
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1, Everlasting and unchanging, kind of mistake.
2, Love to everlasting, the final outcome again how.
3, He believes in everlasting life after death.
4, God visited everlasting grief upon her.
5, I wish someone would invent an everlasting light bulb.
6, Sometimes, the everlasting hate have no unique period.
7, Sometimes, the everlasting and vows of eternal love is not in proportion.
8, Send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness on this special day.
9, The crickets stridulated their everlasting monotonous meaningful note.
10, I'm tired of his everlasting jokes.
11, Sinners may be damned to everlasting hellfire.
12, These tyres are advertised as being everlasting.
13, Everybody's tired of your everlasting complaints!
14, Some people believe in everlasting life after death.
15, I'm tired of his everlasting complaints.
16, By the same token (, the everlasting interdependence is actually an everlasting love.
17, To his everlasting credit, he never told anyone what I'd done.
18, Draining mountains of everlasting snow, the river twists for nineteen hundred miles.
19, Their contributions to science have earned them an everlasting place in history.
20, The boss gets on my wick with his everlasting complaints about timekeeping. And he thinks nothing of rolling up to the office at ten o'clock himself.
21, In practice,( it is an everlasting coat.
22, Ah, the everlasting smugness of people!
23, Traditionally, weddings signify everlasting fidelity and love.
24, This version was called a solid or everlasting syllabub.
25, Finally, J. got tired of my everlasting complaints, took pity on me and made me a small electric fire.
26, The Castroists, to their everlasting credit, bypassed the Stalinists and established the first workers state in our hemisphere.
27, I give you this ring as a pledge of my everlasting love for you.
28, If anyone deserves a happy day which brings contentment and a light heart,it must be you.This gift is a token of my everlasting love for you.Have a happy birthday.
29, Don't be disappointed on the journey of life.There are friends in the world.Seize your chance and value your opportunities.May our friendship be everlasting.
30, Nor did he have to present himself as piteous in order to feed his everlasting hunger for sympathy.
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