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Diversification in a sentence

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Sentence count:205Posted:2017-04-15Updated:2017-04-15
Similar words: ossificationclassificationintensificationpersonificationdiversifyratificationgratificationstratificationMeaning: [daɪ‚vɜːsɪfɪ'keɪʃn]  n. 1. the act of introducing variety (especially in investments or in the variety of goods and services offered) 2. the condition of being varied. 
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1. The seminar was to discuss diversification of agriculture.
2. Failures, mergers, acquisitions, and diversification are the day-to-day diet of firms involved with the industry.
3. BActivist Les Jones said diversification of the area is good for business.
4. Further protostome diversification led to a plexus of annelids, molluscs and near relatives.
5. A great diversification of herbivorous and carnivorous forms developed from the insectivores.
6. This diversification has been shown to correspond closely to a simple exponential growth model.
7. The study suggested diversification and rotation to boost production of other crops.
8. To add a further dimension to the diversification, Fujitsu recently introduced a very fast supercomputer for scientific use.
9. Major problems facing the diversification plan included a lack of infrastructure and a labour shortage.
10. Diversification into dynamic fast-growing industries is also made possible, as are moves to expand internationally.
11. The coefficient of diversification measures the extent to which the portfolio has been diversified.
12. Harman said diversification is one way his company can respond to forces it can not control(, such as market conditions.
13. Diversification was still a distinct possibility, but there seemed to be more enthusiasm for concentrating on the propane market.
14. The massive trend, from 1965 to 1980, towards diversification is now largely seen to have been a mistake.
15. Such overseas business represented not so much diversification as a natural development of banking facilities to meet customer needs.
16. Corporate diversification may often be due to a sense of needing to use up cash surpluses, rather than risk-spreading.
17. Second, economic expansion and diversification have provided a solid fiscal base for local government.
18. Aid was now able to be granted to measures which promoted diversification into other activities such as tourism and craft industries.
19. A bank will also consider overall exposure to each country which will determine the need for loan portfolio diversification.
20. Malnutrition, which affects a third of the world's population, will be conquered by a diversification of diet.
21. Their story from then on is one of slow, but steady, increase and diversification.
22. The increased level of competition between banks and building societies led to a greater degree of diversification of
23. Foreign investment, Scott claims, may reduce food insecurity in a variety of ways, for example by increasing export diversification.
24. States must choose, in industrial policy as in corporate strategy, between diversification and specialisation.
25. The trend in financial markets today is, however, towards a process of deregulation in the form of financial diversification.
26. No sooner were the colleges given the signal to diversify than limits were placed on diversification.
27. The other qualification relates to initial efforts at industrial diversification.
28. Andy Davis, with a strong departmental power base in marketing, had ceased to argue so strongly for diversification.
29. He went on to say that the solutions are diversification, restraint, restructuring and strategic alliances.
30. The relationship between qualifications and jobs is attenuated by the complexities of labour market segmentation and this itself is subject to local diversification.
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