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Dissolute in a sentence

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Sentence count:40+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: debaucheddegeneratedegradeddissipatedfastlibertineprofligateriotousSimilar words: resolutedissolvesolutionconvolutedresolutionabsolutiondissonantdiluteMeaning: ['dɪsəluːt]  adj. unrestrained by convention or morality. 
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1 Youth, our dissolute time passage.
2 His dissolute life is inconsistent with his puritan upbringing.
3 His dissolute life is inconsistent with his Puritan upbringing.
4 He led a dissolute life, drinking and womanising till his death.
5 Sadie returns to Seattle from a dissolute road journey.
6 It is Peer Gynt, who has lived a dissolute life.
7 Fortunately, Nelson has written enough songs about dissolute living that the alternative crew can feel comfortable singing them.
8 We ignore the down-at-heel and dissolute as we heartlessly window-shop the boulevards they stumble down.
9 Yes, he had heard about him and his dissolute bad life; also vague tumours about the old scandal.
10 Jie was extremely tyrannical and dissolute.
11 I like to a dissolute woman.
12 The tree - shadowed alley be also dissolute!
13 He led a dissolute life.
14 I have also heard that he leads a dissolute lifestyle, that is probably a nasty rumor.
15 But certainly the dissolute incoherence of Rome was an invitation to people to have a go.
16 He led a dissolute life after he made a lot of money in business.
17 A company which is dissolute due to a merger or division shall apply for cancellation of registration.
18 Rogen plays Britt Reid, the lazy,( dissolute son of newspaper publisher James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) who dies—accident? murder? have you ever seen a superhero movie?—early in the proceedings.
19 It's difficult to head her off when she talked about her dissolute life.
20 Zacharias was a minor painter when he wasn't living off his mistresses, and reputedly a dissolute.
21 I can not see her as an innocent victim of a nasty and dissolute hippie.
22 Sitting like that, slumped and half-naked, he looked almost dissolute.
23 This makes it less likely that investors would encourage a dissolute borrower to mend its ways by withholding finance.
24 In less-than a week I was employed in the dissolute field of computers.
25 When xylan extractives were desalted by ultrafiltration, optimum number of dissolute was 4.
26 You can't deny that Tom has been an ilde, worthless, dissolute and dishonourable rogue.
27 What a world of pathos in this: A barren room, ill kempt children, a worn out patient wife, a dissolute husband, and weak.
28 He who has no home is vagrant; He who has two homes is dissolute.
29 You can't deny that Tom has been an idle, worthless, dissolute and dishonorable rogue.
30 As far as Hughes can tell (or at least Plato tells), he resists the sexual lures of Alcibiades, famous even centuries later as the most beautiful and dissolute boy of Athens.
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