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Dispensation in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2016-12-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: compensationdispensableindispensablesensationcondensationcompensatecompensate forsuspensionMeaning: [‚dɪspen'seɪʃn]  n. 1. an exemption from some rule or obligation 2. a share that has been dispensed or distributed 3. the act of dispensing (giving out in portions). 
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1. She needed a special dispensation to remarry.
2. She needs a special dispensation to marry her cousin.
3. They were promised dispensation from military service.
4. Caroline's marriage was annulled by special dispensation from the church.
5. The sport's ruling body gave him dispensation to compete in national competitions.
6. The couple have requested special dispensation from the Church to allow them to marry.
7. One branch asked for a dispensation.
8. Is it true that accountants have a special dispensation?
9. Yet the regulators have given it a dispensation: the rubbish has to go somewhere.
10. Legally, a dispensation could be made that would enable you to live on in the Porter house.
11. He has said that one only needs a dispensation from the mines inspectorate.
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12. You may be able to get special dispensation from a rabbi to eat non-kosher food.
13. They saw signs and omens of this new dispensation everywhere.
14. One could not get a dispensation from the mines inspectorate to increase the manpower.
15. The dispensation of the land around Fort Ord should be a regional decision.
16. But she has been given special dispensation to play in two events in her home state before that birthday.
17. Perhaps disloyalty to an existing dispensation that has endowed one with one's privileges does look like radical chic.
18. Manor said he had given this dispensation on 40 occasions.
19. Hence, a stewardship is a dispensation.
20. The best dispensation for the highest surviving rate 98% is to mix the perlite, vermiculite and humous as the rate of 1:1:1.
21. Total dispensation of cigarettes can be difficult for a habitual smoker.
22. By a special dispensation from the Church, she was allowed to remarry.
23. But I believe the town could make a special dispensation, if they cared to.
24. I was a junior Minister and I took advantage of the dispensation which enabled me to vote no in that referendum.
25. Legal injustice is not uncommon in the court of justice, and miscarriage of justice has retarded the dispensation of true justice. Dr T.P.Chia 
26. Marriage, I assume, carries with it some sort of carteblanche for endless promiscuity - and a dispensation from the Pope.
27. The Secretary of State has also granted a general dispensation to members who are tenants of council houses.
28. His illegitimate son Cesare had difficulty in being accepted for the priesthood until granted dispensation.
29. However, they called for the maintenance of international sanctions until a new political dispensation was in place.
30. Zoser occasionally stayed late to help with the charity dispensation.
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