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Predicament in a sentence

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Synonym: complicationdilemmaembarrassmentmesspinchplightSimilar words: predicatepredictpredictionbicameralmedicalamendmentdedicatemedicationMeaning: [prɪ'dɪkəmənt] n. a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one. 
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1. Other companies are in an even worse predicament than ourselves.
2. Your refusal puts me in an awkward predicament.
3. I suddenly found myself in an awkward predicament.
4. She went to the office to explain her predicament .
5. He hasn't realized his predicament yet.
6. The decision will leave her in a peculiar predicament.
7. Now I really was in a dire predicament.
8. I'm in a bit of a predicament because I've accidentally accepted two invitations to dinner on the same night.
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. Many young people find themselves in this predicament.
10. She saw an obvious parallel with her sister's predicament.
11. Other married couples are in a similar predicament.
12. How were we to escape this awful predicament?
13. On that occasion their predicament had been spotted and a boat had been sent out from Sharpness on a wild goose chase.
14. Geoffrey himself said nothing about his own predicament.
15. She was allowing Amy's predicament to prey on her nerves, sap her confidence.
16. How do the new classical macroeconomists explain that predicament?
17. There predicament is complicated by the far larger number of owners who can not sell perfectly sound concrete houses.
18. I'm in a terrible predicament.
19. The way out of this predicament was to alter their own environment through their own metabolism.
20. She is hoping to get a loan from her bank to help her out of her financial predicament.
21. A loan of money would help me out of my predicament.
22. Eliot's witty 1918 truncation of an Arnoldian phrase prefigures the Hollow Men's predicament.
23. The rural scene was so peaceful and indifferent to my predicament.
24. Several years ago I had the opportunity to speak about this predicament to a national convention of law-school deans.
25. What made it worse was that Prince Charles seemed less concerned about her predicament than that of his friend Camilla Parker-Bowles.
26. She sat firmly on one of the upright chairs and spoke about the breeding predicament of her mare.
27. Many of his speeches are given in the quiet, confidential way he might explain his predicament in the pub.
28. Dido doesn't claim to have got to the bottom of what she calls the Canine Predicament.
29. But he says the company basically is in the same predicament it was 10 years ago.
30. Omally, startled by the cry, leapt from his seat, and glimpsed Pooley's dire predicament.
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