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Decamp in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: abscondabsquatulateboltbreak campgo offmake offrun offskipvamooseSimilar words: campcampuscampingcampaigndecaydecantdecadedecayedMeaning: [dɪ'kæmp]  v. 1. leave a camp 2. run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along 3. leave suddenly. 
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1. They decamped before rain began.
2. She has decamped with all our money.
3. The treasurer decamped with part of the company's payroll.
4. She decamped with a lover.
5. The band of thieves decamped in the night.
6. The soldiers decamped at dawn.
7. He decamped from the hotel with someone else's luggage.
8. We all decamped to the pub.
9. The wealthier inhabitants decamped to the suburbs.
10. The secretary decamped with the organization's money.
11. They all decamp to Karen Farnan's in Wiltshire Lane.
12. Much energy-intensive industry would then decamp to the third world.
13. Local car owners quietly decamped to Sanford for better service.
14. Herded by a robed priest, other techs decamped from the catwalks.
15. She persuaded him to decamp.
16. Perhaps winter will cause the occupiers to decamp.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. Decamp:To depart secretly or suddenly.
18. Some, however, are being offered double that to decamp to rivals.
19. Youngsters decamp as soon as they can to work in towns near and far, leaving their ageing parents to till the soil.
20. In many quarters in Washington, government officials decamp for the private sector as a matter of course.
21. If a few financiers choose to decamp for some small island-state in search of the smallest possible tax bill, we should wish them good luck.
22. Brooks was roughly awoken from his dream of making a fortune when his partner decamped with $ 100,000.
23. He was roughly awaked from his dream of making a fortune when his partner decamped with 100, 000 dollars.
24. I was encouraged by the location, close to the town to which my thieving removal company had decamped.
25. No one expects to visit a place in Italy or Mexico or Kenya or Thailand and be told that "Locals can stay, yes, but you foreigners have to decamp for the night"!
26. Just as bananas are best grown in warmer places, imposing a higher carbon price does not compel German manufacturers of capital goods to decamp to China.
27. The first is from school, and then from the city, now, in her dream also decamp.
28. So I was intrigued when I recently found, buried in an old 1977 paper by Richard Nesbitt and Timothy DeCamp Wilson, an experiment that showed an inkling of product placement via word ambiguity.
29. Many Louisianans fret that Gulf - based drilling rigs will decamp for West Africa or Brazil.
30. till finally the poor innocent was led to doubt her own senses, and, overwhelmed with confusion at her supposed mistake, persuaded her mamma to decamp.
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