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Idiotic in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2016-12-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: bioticidiosyncraticidiosyncrasynoticeexoticquixoticgive noticetake notice ofMeaning: [ɪdɪ'ɑtɪk /-'ɒt-]  adj. 1. insanely irresponsible 2. incongruous;inviting ridicule 3. having a mental age of three to seven years. 
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1. What an idiotic thing to say!
2. How boring that idiotic Count is!
3. Stop asking such idiotic questions.
4. I am rather chary of making too many idiotic mistakes.
5. Charming, idiotic, nonsensical girls, he used to say.
6. I'd hoped to gain sympathy from those idiotic journalists.
7. His pop genius was ruined by idiotic hippy ideology.
8. I did a few of the usual idiotic things as a teenager to try to draw attention to myself.
9. The present idiotic trends can not go on for ever, and there could soon be drastic changes.
10. For some idiotic reason it had never crossed her mind that she might be doing something illegal.
11. Because even an idiotic postulate needs to be disproved by scientific means.
12. She was acting like some idiotic schoolgirl, not an intelligent woman, she thought in exasperation.
13. Don't be so idiotic!
14. I personally think this is as idiotic as waving a bunsen burner around while having a row.
15. She felt consumed with the most idiotic resentment.
16. Ah Q looks idiotic before Master Zhao.
17. Their idiotic suggestions met with widespread opposition.
18. I would beam back in a quietly idiotic manner.
19. It is idiotic to go shopping with no money.
20. The child's idiotic deeds caused his family much trouble.
21. Such an idiotic custom is still kept in that tribe.
22. Now we are going to play an idiotic game which I learned in Chicago.
23. Going back is impossible and idiotic(, the only way is forward.
24. The idiotic Indian sang a shit - song of victory, describing their prowess in battle.
25. It was idiotic of you to leave the safe open.
26. However, I wish to stress that the racecourses have nothing to do with this idiotic piece of planning.
27. Life should do more than spin on like an idiotic top some one had set in motion but could no longer stop.
28. I tell you, in the language of orangutan, beck is to scold it idiotic meaning.
29. No doubt groupthink explains why some boards end up committing to an idiotic course of action.
30. Your ideological views are really altogether illegitimate, if not to say quite idiotic.
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