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Crust in a sentence

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Antonym: crumbSimilar words: crushfrustratefrustrationrusecruiserecruitcrucialvirusMeaning: [krʌst] n. 1. the outer layer of the Earth 2. a hard outer layer that covers something 3. the trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties. v. form a crust or form into a crust. 
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1. He had the crust to order me around.
2. The crust of the bread is burnt.
3. Earthquakes leave scars in the earth's crust.
4. Minerals occur naturally in the earth's crust.
5. Bake until the crust is golden.
6. As the water evaporates, a crust of salt is left on the surface of the soil.
7. Put the lid on properly, or a crust will form on the paints.
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8. A hard gray crust had formed on the bottom of the tea kettle.
9. The mud had formed a thick crust on the surface of the road.
10. Deep internal forces cause movements of the earth's crust.
11. The pastry crust was always underdone.
12. She had the crust to ask me for an excuse.
13. The most ancient parts of the continental crust are 4000 million years old.
14. The crust on the snow was thick enough for us to walk on it.
15. The movements set up stresses in the earth's crust.
16. Less dense substances move upwards to form a crust.
17. Deep in the earth's crust the rock may be subjected to temperatures high enough to melt it.
18. Extensive stretching of the crust above these granite intrusions produces a faulted terrain with active volcanoes.
19. But beneath the oceans the layer of crust has only recently been formed by the mid-ocean ridge and then dusted with sediment.
20. Good pie crust is a cinch to make.
21. Most mountain ranges are supported by a crust far thicker than the ranges are tall.
22. Only then comes the point where the crust finally ends and the mantle rock begins.
23. I've been an actor for 20 years,[] earning a crust wherever I can.
24. Remove the dish from the oven, crack the salt crust and you will find the skin just peels off the fish.
25. Silicon and oxygen are the fundamental constituents of rocks in the earth's crust.
26. Scientists have put together a composite picture of what the Earth's crust is like.
27. The hole they drilled pierces 6 km into the earth's crust.
28. Continental lithosphere stands higher than oceanic lithosphere because continental crust is both of greater thickness and lower density than oceanic crust.
29. This raises the question, did the plumes cause the Pangaean crust to fracture?
30. Its purpose is to gather sufficient information to answer questions about magma chambers in oceanic crust.
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