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Inscrutable in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2016-12-05Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: crypticcrypticaldeepmysteriousmystifyingSimilar words: insurmountablescrutinyunscrambletablenotabletableauvegetablesuitableMeaning: [ɪn'skruːtəbl] adj. of an obscure nature. 
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1 The inscrutable gaze of the palace guards made me a little nervous.
2 They were inscrutable, they kept their own counsel, and they were intelligent.
3 Then, as I looked back at the dark, inscrutable carob tree, I did feel a faint touch of fear.
4 Dexter glanced at Blanche but she was as inscrutable as usual, diffident but assured.
5 He stood silent and inscrutable.
6 In public he remained inscrutable.
7 He handled the questions with the inscrutable face of a diplomat.
8 The youthful face was inscrutable and unsmiling with a flawless pale bronze complexion.
9 His inscrutable glance met hers and then his heavy lashes dropped as he released the lacy strap.
10 He passes away under a cloud, inscrutable at heart, forgotten, unforgiven, and excessively romantic.
11 It is a most inscrutable and unmitigated staggerer!
12 Inscrutable are the ways of Heaven.
13 When Hanson came home he wore the same inscrutable demeanour.
14 Unlearn your pronunciation if it's inscrutable.
15 She regarded her with a look of inscrutable alarm and terror.
16 Atop Athena's helmet, between winged griffins, crouched an inscrutable sphinx.
17 His inscrutable face does not show what he is thinking.
18 The riddle remains inscrutable to us.
19 Our cherished records were enfolded by large new cardboard boxes tied with pink tape and marked with inscrutable computer codes.
20 She puts her arms gingerly and tenderly round an inscrutable black trunk.
21 Suffering from a second bout of mental depression in 1993, Roth becomes paranoid, suicidal,[] insufferable and inscrutable.
22 Mr White Face continued to sit cross-legged, gazing up at me, his tusked countenance quite inscrutable.
23 Jeopardy was leaning against the wall, his head thrown back, arms folded, looking down at Amber with inscrutable eyes.
24 I kept taking quick glances but you always looked inscrutable.
25 The fried bean curd put one in mind of oriental griddle cakes and needed the hot sauces to extract their inscrutable flavour.
26 She looked for some response, but Jean's expression remained inscrutable.
27 Throughout the Kuomintang, as within the Soong family, the power struggle was played out in subtle intrigues and inscrutable maneuvers.
28 But how else were you to approach the massive problem of ferreting out some meaning from an inscrutable universe?
29 Then, without a visible change of mood, he became inscrutable.
30 Even if the connections were visible, they would remain inscrutable to most people.
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