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Accrue in a sentence

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Sentence count:63Posted:2016-10-24Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: fallSimilar words: TRUEcome trueconstruecrushcrustcruiserecruitcrucialMeaning: [ə'kruː]  v. 1. grow by addition 2. come into the possession of. 
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1. Ability to think will accrue to you from good habits of study.
2. Interest will accrue until payment is made.
3. Interest will accrue on the account at a rate of 7%.
4. Interest will accrue if you keep your money in a savings account.
5. Money kept in a savings bank will accrue to you with interest.
6. No such advantage could accrue to wealthy daughters.
7. Economic returns can accrue when ambulatory nutrition care contributes to reducing the need for costly medical care.
8. The benefits that will accrue following economic recovery are self-evident.
9. Indeed, the penalties mostly accrue to people who have small families.
10. But remember that these cars accrue, and can withstand, significantly higher mileages than petrol cars, 50-90,000 being the norm.
11. Within a few weeks, they accrue a debt that negates the salary their recruiter had promised them.
12. But wisdom does not automatically accrue to an individual because he or she lived through certain seminal events.
13. If significance is supposed to accrue with each repeated conjunction(, it fails to do so for me.
14. Officials say the options will offer investors a longer time in which to accrue profits.
15. If you do not pay within 28 days, interest will accrue.
16. The funding of capital expenditure is usually spread over the years that benefit will accrue.
17. By applying this principle total world output will be maximized and benefits will accrue to all parties.
18. The two concepts of social and physical accessibility are related, as social benefits often accrue from physical accessibility.
19. One would hope that major retailers will be clear in their minds about their activities and the consequences that may accrue.
20. The taller you are for your weight, the more range advantage you will accrue.
21. If this passes, people will be expecting the benefit to accrue to them.
22. The preliminary point to be decided by the judge was: when did the local authority's cause of action accrue?
23. Failure to benefit from some union policies need not preclude membership if advantages accrue from other union policies.
24. Under the joint venture the council will pay nothing, while profits will accrue to Biomass.
25. Similarly, they share the risks and the profits or losses which may accrue to them.
26. The employer had, therefore, to incur heavy development costs before any net tangible benefits would accrue from the
27. Then they throw up their hands, wondering why the benefits they have been pursuing never seem to accrue.
28. But with electronic ticketing, you can still get advanced seat assignments, check in at curbside and accrue frequent flier mileage.
29. The problem is that plainly this depreciation charge can not reflect the periodic benefits expected to accrue from using the vehicle.
30. All the added power to be granted county government by this charter proposal will accrue to an unelected staff.
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