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Conflate in a sentence

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Sentence count:39+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: blendcoalescecombinecomminglefluxfuseimmixmeldmergemixSimilar words: inflateinflatedconflagrationnonflammableinflationconflictconfluenceconflict withMeaning: v. mix together different elements. 
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1) The results of the two experiments were conflated.
2) Her letters conflate past and present.
3) She succeeded in conflating the three plays to produce a fresh new work.
4) Can these two definitions be conflated, or must they be kept separate?
5) Unfortunately the public conflated fiction with reality and made her into a saint.
6) He conflates two images from Kipling's short stories in the film.
7) They ingeniously conflated other characters and incidents to provide an opera - comique setting.
8) By conflating childhood with mythic time - and does not the world possess mythic proportions when we are small?
9) He takes Adam Smith to task for conflating the division of labour in society with the division within the enterprise.
10) There are no composite characters or conflated events in this story.
11) This same structure is conflated in the novel with Lacan's model of the constitution of subjectivity.
12) Although we must not make the mistake of conflating Asians and Asian-Americans, we must recognize that international issues have domestic implications.
13) The two meanings conflated.
14) The urban crisis or the inner city problem conflates a number of quite different economic, political and social issues.
15) Yet the attacks conflated a difference in methodology with a difference in theoretical assumptions.
16) The word typically conflates the causes of stress with the phenomenon of stress.
17) We overlook big things, forget details, conflate events.
18) Both the Times story and the IPS study conflate an accounting entry called "current portion of U.S. taxes" with the taxes a company sends the IRS.
19) Many movies have this feature, and as here conflate the personal conflict with surrounding political ones.
20) The new American *Psychiatric* guidelines released today conflate several psychotherapy approaches equally because at least one or two randomized trials has shown them to be effective.
21) One can conflate it to a metaphysical artistic ideal, or a mundane and profane experience.
22) It’s easy to conflate mobile e-mail with business users, after all, this was the demographic that first fully embraced the ability to send and receive messages from their mobile devices.
23) The issues of race and class are separate and should not be conflated.
24) Linguists belonging to the Prague School by and large conflate the two structures and combine them in the same description.
25) A feature of all these quotes is that they conflate the social and the personal.
26) They simply survived or died at home, where their deaths were conflated with the growing numbers of female suicides.
27) As the attacks mounted against Castresana, he became increasingly paranoid,( and appeared to conflate legitimate critiques with dirty reprisals.
28) But liberty is abused in an equally insidious way when accusers conflate apostasy with heresy—by alleging that somebody claiming to be a Muslim has erred by advancing false interpretations.
29) So I think choreography is alive and well. But I wouldn't conflate that with BPM.
30) In general, all of the nonsolutions I've presented here fail because they conflate types with other things: inheritance, identity, or namespaces.
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