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Flagellate in a sentence

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Sentence count:12Posted:2016-12-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: flagellate protozoanflagellatedflagellated protozoanlash-likemastigophoranmastigophorescourgewhiplikeSimilar words: pillagevillagespillagecollateoscillatevacillateflagpage layoutMeaning: ['flædʒleɪt]  n. a usually nonphotosynthetic free-living protozoan with whiplike appendages; some are pathogens of humans and other animals. v. whip. adj. having or resembling a lash or whip (as does a flagellum). 
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1. Relating to or caused by a flagellate organism.
2. But under bad condition, quantity of the flagellate increase and water become pollution.
3. A single - celled microorganism, especially a flagellate protozoan of the genus Monas.
4. From that day on, the farmer would not flagellate his ox anymore.
5. The Cytophagocytesis of the flagellate to several micro-algae were compared in this paper.
6. Narcissists may deny their mistakes or flagellate themselves into a froth of self-pitying hatred, but they never laugh at their imperfections.
7. An obscure single-celled flagellate with a name like a character from an Asterix book - Trimastix - also turned out to have mitochondrial genes.
8. An infection caused by any of the flagellate protozoans of the genus Leishmania[sentencedict .com], transmitted to human beings and animals by bloodsucking sand flies.
9. This should certainly not be a taboo subject, but nor should it be used to flagellate the mass of teachers.
10. The protective effects of selenium against zinc toxicity in the flagellate alga Pavlova viridis were investigated using transmission electron microscopy.
11. It was cheap for us to culture and rapidly reproduce the flagellate.
12. The tone differs from place to place — listening to a German official denounce deficits, my wife whispered, "We'll all be handed whips as we leave, so we can flagellate ourselves."
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