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Inflammatory in a sentence

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Similar words: inflammationdeclamatoryinflamedcrematorydefamatoryteammateinflationgrammaticallyMeaning: [ɪn'flæmətɔrɪ /-trɪ]  adj. 1. characterized or caused by inflammation 2. arousing to action or rebellion. 
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(1) He gave a inflammatory address to the audience.
(2) The doctor put me on anti - inflammatory drugs.
(3) The men were using inflammatory language/making inflammatory remarks about the other team's supporters.
(4) The Prime Minister was extremely cautious, saying nothing inflammatory and giving no hostages to fortune.
(5) Eosinophils were not evident in the inflammatory cell infiltrate.
(6) These three are involved in the inflammatory response.
(7) Yassinepromptly preached an inflammatory sermon at the local mosque.
(8) The mechanisms underlying the inflammatory process are poorly understood.
(9) The inflammatory response influenced intestinal fluid transport partly via activation of the enteric nervous system.
(10) The prevalence and clinical significance of inflammatory cells in diseased tissue is controversial.
(11) These results confirm increased macrophage activation in inflammatory bowel disease and suggest functional heterogeneity within the intestinal macrophage population.
(12) This is not surprising considering that most inflammatory mediators have been shown to be able to stimulate enteric nerves.
(13) The inflammatory cells were absent in the colonic mucosa of Crohn's disease patients examined in remission.
(14) Ketotifen may prevent the release of the inflammatory mediators from mast cells as well as from other inflammatory cells.
(15) Activated macrophages are prominent in the inflammatory infiltrate in both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
(16) For inflammatory bowel disease the morbid risk varies with age.
(17) With inflammatory bowel disease, the loss of protein through the gastrointestinal tract is also a contributory factor.
(18) The superoxide generated may have a direct cytotoxic effect or it may interact with inflammatory mediators to modify the inflammatory process.
(19) This case supports the theory that functional disturbances of the thymus may have a role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease.
(20) Pronounced changes have been found in gut neuropeptides in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
(21) It has been reported that PLA2 activity contributes to the inflammatory process and promotes the formation arachidonic acid metabolites.
(22) The mode of action of 5ASA and 4ASA in inflammatory bowel disease is unknown.
(23) Recent studies of resection specimens from patients with Crohn's disease have shown inflammatory microvascular occlusion, apparently secondary to mesenteric vasculitis.
(24) One potential source for the increased values of reactive oxygen species in inflammatory bowel disease is the neutrophil.
(25) Several different types of autoantibodies have been described in inflammatory bowel disease and primary sclerosing cholangitis.
(26) Both local cells and soluble mediators participate in the intestinal inflammatory process.
(27) While corticosteroids have an adverse effect on bone mass, this may be partly counterbalanced by improvement in the inflammatory bowel disease.
(28) The rate of liver protein synthesis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease was 43% higher than the control group of patients.
(29) On day 3 the nematodes reach the small intestine and on days 6-8 an inflammatory response in the jejunum is seen.
(30) This molecule is also involved in the adhesion of neutrophils to endothelium during the inflammatory response.
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