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Dissimilarity in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-01-03Updated:2017-01-03
Similar words: dissimilarsimilaritysimilarsimilarlypopularityregularitysimilefacsimileMeaning: [‚dɪsɪmɪ'lærətɪ]  n. the quality of being dissimilar. 
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(1) They correct any dissimilarity between batches of work.
(2) One of his main themes is the dissimilarity between parents and children.
(3) This allowed them to include in their theory dissimilarities in free volume between polymer and solvent, together with the corresponding interactions.
(4) These fundamental dissimilarities will surely militate against the two communities coming together.
(5) But its career is the dissimilarity is general.
(6) Whether feel to have what dissimilarity here?
(7) Cultural dissimilarity brings difficulty to language learning.
(8) What dissimilarity do American English and Briticism have?
(9) Love and is loved to have what dissimilarity?
(10) Furthermore, the resemblance and dissimilarity between alternatives, weightiness and conflict between attributes, and the sensitivity of the result are also indicated briefly and directly.
(11) Dissimilarity of nation, dissimilarity of the race have dissimilarity of cultural special features.
(12) My soulwith yours dissimilarity, my heart completely is also same with you!
(13) This paper, proceeding with the definition of dissimilarity, probes into the relationship between selfness and otherness to reveal the cross-cultural essence of translation.
(14) In respect that the main dissimilarity between general defence and special defense [], this part mostly discusses foundation condition of special defense.
(15) From the choice of this kind of dissimilarity culture, we can answer a development direction with future Chinese oil painting and its culture rely on maternally .
(16) Of circumstance dissimilarity. The students all at lane hall, one and other, round ram - jam full, seem to lane in hall occurrence what eye-catcher affair.
(17) John Logan and Brian Stults created a dissimilarity index, which identifies the percentage of one group that would have to move to a different neighborhood to eliminate segregation -- think busing.
(18) I am a loiterer, but to elder brother dissimilarity , so big Hong door, also want you to prop up!
(19) You of an age still your work busyness? 2 what dissimilarity do they have?
(20) From time immemorial, the and Foreign people hold some marriage idea all a dissimilarity.
(21) The Kullback-Leibler (K-L) distance has been used as a measure for the dissimilarity between the observed distribution and a hypothetic distribution.
(22) They represent different behavior and consciousness of contacting mass medium with individual and social dissimilarity.
(23) Current similarity based approximate reasoning methods (SBARs) have various views on similarity relations and neglect the effect of dissimilarity relations.
(24) Because the cultural background is different, hold the person of dissimilarity language at confabulation, even the language be without any error accurate, will also produce misconstruction.
(25) The FADEC system consists of hardware layer based on similarity redundancy technique and software layer based on dissimilarity redundancy technique.
(26) Experimental results show that the algorithm has lower miss rate and dissimilarity.
(27) The difference between macrophages and ocular surface epithelial cells may be caused by the dissimilarity in the degree of coexistence with commensal bacteria.
(28) Try to talk about anti - dumping should tell medium various dissimilarity the function of the organization.
(29) At to the reaction of light up, dog eye is dissimilarity from eye.
(30) Result The voice of various embryo kidney abnormal is like a diagram characteristic a dissimilarity.
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