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Arrest in a sentence

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Sentence count:233+19Posted:2016-07-16Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: apprehendcapturecatchcheckpinchseizestopSimilar words: barrelquarrel withcorrespondentirrespective offorestcorresponding torest onfor the restMeaning: [ə'rest]  n. 1. the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal) 2. the state of inactivity following an interruption. v. 1. take into custody 2. hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of 3. attract and fix 4. cause to stop. 
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211. Hall said, but an arrest warrant was issued after Hall failed to appear in court on the charge.
212. However, by then feelings were running so high Mr Pennell resisted arrest.
213. Police officers were briefed before going out to arrest the suspects.
214. Powerful drugs are used to arrest the spread of the disease.
215. The local police chief had scared him off by threatening to arrest him for manslaughter if Annie perished.
216. Bonnie Hanssen has been in seclusion since the arrest of her husband.
217. By now he was convinced that it had merely acquiesced in the frame-up after his arrest.
218. Surgical resection proved impossible after he had a cardiac arrest on the operating table.
219. He was killed by a shotgun blast while supposedly resisting arrest.
220. Veltman is being held without bail after his arrest Thursday.
221. Upon their arrest Ershad and his wife were moved from the Army cantonment and confined to a diplomatic compound.
222. At the end of September 1991, arrest warrants against army officers were issued in connection with the killings.
223. Twenty of the protesters were also cited for resisting arrest.
224. According to legend,[Sentencedict] anyone who ever fired the weapon died of a broken heart or cardiac arrest.
225. He was described as neither fit for questioning nor detention, but remains under house arrest.
226. Non-violent protests outside the jails and the Ministry of the Interior are met with arbitrary arrest.
227. Among the various solutions, epinephrine and pure alcohol are proved to be effective in the arrest of peptic ulcer haemorrhage.
228. Defibrillation Early defibrillation remains the most important determinant of survival in cardiac arrest victims.
229. He has grown reclusive in recent years, seemingly unaware that he is no longer under house arrest.
230. Police have issued an arrest warrant for Mr de Michelis's former secretary, Barbara Ceolin.
231. A defibrillator can analyze the heart rhythm of a cardiac arrest victim and administer an electric shock.
232. Predictably, however, Scargill's arrest brought scores more miners into the area.
233. When he tried to make an arrest he was attacked and suffered cuts to an eyebrow and hand, and some bruising.
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