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Alimentary in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2017-04-08Updated:2017-04-08
Similar words: rudimentarycommentarymomentaryelementarydocumentarycomplementarysentimentalcomplimentMeaning: [‚ælɪ'mentərɪ]  adj. of or providing nourishment. 
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1. the alimentary canal of the human body.
2. He had the disease of alimentary canal.
3. Presented with a diagram of the alimentary canal, he tended to marvel at its artistry rather than study its efficiency.
4. The heart slows, the alimentary canal and the bladder constrict.
5. Free-living communities and alimentary tract helminths: hypotheses and pattern analysis - D Simberloff.
6. Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other. RONALD REAGAN 
7. Alimentary canal neoplasm is the most common cancer.
8. Alimentary tract duplication is a rare congenital malformations.
9. The alimentary tract is partially sacculated.
10. Objective : To study the clinical characteristics of alimentary tract malformation in neonates.
11. The alimentary canal in our bodies is so named because digestion of foods occurs there.
12. Finally, the structure and function of the alimentary canal and its significances in Panorpidae taxonomy are briefly discussed.
13. The alimentary canal or a portion thereof, especially the intestine or stomach.
14. The speed of establishment of monocular alimentary conditioned reflex and differentiation was studied in 8 rabbits.
15. Conclusion: Heavy heroin use, having a history of alimentary canal diseases and sudden and long time natural drug withdrawal likely cause upper alimentary canal bleeding.
16. Including: Locomotor system, alimentary system, respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system, circulatory system, sense organs, nervous system and endocrine system.
17. Conclusion: The malignant tumors of alimentary system are easy to have calcific metastases, the CT scanning plays an important role in diagnosing the calcific metastases.
18. The adult alimentary canal is long and narrow, its crop is long bag-shaped, very few papillae in front part of the midgut.
19. Methods BAR were used in 32 cases of alimentary tract reconstruction after gastrectomy to accomplish gastrointestinal anastomosis, including gastrojejunostomy and jejunojejunostomy.
20. Conclusion: Burdock root powder has therapeutic effect alimentary obesity model rats.
21. Method: To construct the model of alimentary fat mouse by feeding the hyper alimentative feedstuff to the juvenile mouse, afterwards, to observe its effect of weight reduction.
22. Experimental evidence also exists for the presence of axon reflexes in the alimentary canal.
23. Greenaway colour codes the rooms of the restaurant[], which mirror food's route through the alimentary canal.
24. Owing to the Push - Endoscopy always bringing discomfort to the patients with alimentary tract disease feel uncomfortable.
25. In land animals, saliva contains mucus, and provides lubrication for food in the alimentary canal.
26. Crude fatty materials contain certain substances that are not hydrolyzed in the human alimentary system.
27. The appearance of pellets were observed. The sum of pellets and the distribution rates in different sections of alimentary canal were counted.
28. This system is mainly a long tube, called the alimentary canal.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. The aim of this study was to observe the influences of hydrochloric acid, pepsin and trypsinase on vigor of Eperythrozoon, and explore its transmission in alimentary tract.
30. Crohn's disease (CD) is a chronic transmural inflammatory disease that may involve any part of the alimentary tract from mouth to anus.
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